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Why Choose Joomla as Your eCommerce Platform in 2019

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Akin to all major CMS platforms out in the market, Joomla isn’t different in the fact that it is also an open source platform you can choose to create various kinds of websites for setting up your business online. You might even want to seek professional assistance from a Joomla Development company in India. Now you might be wondering “Why is it any different if I use a platform other than Joomla if it’s all the same?” Glad you asked, and here’s a list of reasons as to why-

1) Ease of Installation: This is especially the case with the latest Joomla versions (Joomla 3.5 and Joomla 4 in general). In addition to being a lightweight platform, Joomla installation is a 3-step process and takes less than 15 seconds to complete. The whole process is rid of unnecessary detail filling.

2) Free of cost: Employing an efficient platform is a compromising task in the majority. Either the framework isn’t up to the standard and on the occasion that is the case, it usually doesn't come in cheap. Joomla is an anomaly to the fact that despite being free of cost, a developer has all the necessary tools to create their preferred form of a website.

3) Flexibility: Joomla isn't really too technical a language hence making it extremely user-friendly, especially for beginners and amateurs. Also, the access control list is an amazing addition to promote feasibility as it delivers you the means to manage a large number of customer groups easily. Migrating from a different host to Joomla also has been a lot easier of late due to adding ons.

4) Additional Features and Customisation:
● Joomla supports the PHP7 version that assists your website performance.
● Joomla is multilingual as it supports around 70 different languages.
● Various in-built editing functions (for instance WYSIWYG editor) pave a way for you to edit your website even if you aren’t aware of coding.
● The Drag and Drop image feature is a surefire way of boosting website performance.
● A regular developer using Joomla can now effortlessly insert modules within their articles.
● Latest Joomla versions come with over 10000 plugins, templates, and modules for quality web designing.

5) Superlative Security: The hackers these days are capable of XSS attacks and SQL injections via system function. This is becoming a regular occurrence now and to tackle the situation, Joomla comes with in-built secured layers and prompt extensions. These layers ensure CSRF protection along with other concerns, while extensions add a host of Captchas that act as a barrier to all major threats.
This way all sensitive customer data is secured from online vulnerabilities when using Joomla.

6) Third party extensions: Unlike other major platforms like Wordpress and Drupal that come with inbuilt extensions, Joomla depends on third-party extension providers. This is a desired addition as these extensions give a larger variety of designing and customization tools to the user. To put it straight, Joomla lays out more option to make your website more appealing.

7) SEO friendly functionality: As mentioned earlier, Joomla pages are extremely lightweight despite being functional. This is a blessing for SEO purpose since the page loading is much quicker, and that enables the crawlers to locate and read your web page at a brisk pace. Viewer trafficking is taken care of when using Joomla.

8) Extensive Community: Joomla boasts a core of highly skilled and experienced IT technicians that are capable of putting forth a reliable solution to any developer’s query. Though WordPress has a larger community base, that also is the consequence of a bloated user base. As a result, the time taken to address an individual query takes lesser time with Joomla.

Conclusion: Though not as extensive as a major platform like Wordpress, Joomla is more than good enough for answering your web development needs. This platform is especially popular among small scale businesses who are content with fewer complex websites and that suits the website ranking algorithm. You must also hire Joomla Developers who are seasoned enough to cater to your needs.
Do you want to establish a business presence online and need assistance? We at FutureProfilez provide complete Web Development services to all scale businesses at economical prices.

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