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FutureProfilez has very highly adequate and dedicated team of core PHP developers and thus offering offshore and onshore services at very cheap rate. FutureProfilez, a leading PHP Web Development Company in India performs on clients’ projects such as Analysis, Design, Development, Maintenance, Testing, Implementation and Support. Developers at Future Profilez having good and superior skill of specialisation in Custom PHP Programming, PHP Web Application Development, PHP Software development and developing in addition to integrating PHP Shopping Cart, PHP CMS and PHP Forums.


1. Web Development

We provide custom web development services using Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) open source scripting language, Apache, and Internet Information Services (IIS) web servers, plus develop desktop and cross-platform apps, GUIs, and PHP APIs. We program for various platforms including Linux, Mac, Windows, RISC OS, cloud computing, and others.

2. Database

We develop database-enabled web applications, including support for Database Abstraction Layer (DBA), PHP Data Objects (PDO), Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), dBase, IBM DM2, Mongo, MongoDB, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Sybase and many others.

3. Servers & Scripting

We engineer server-side and Common Gateway Interface (CGI) applications, integrations with Server Application Programming Interface (SAPI) and Internet Server Application Programming Interface (ISAPI) for various web servers, and integration of Command Line Interface (CLI) SAPI for command line scripting in PHP.

Benefits of using Open Source Technologies:

  • Easy to customize
  • Stand-alone application
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Cost effective enterprise solution generator
  • Robust , easy to manage, scalable and reliable
  • Strong support network with the largest support community across globe

PHP supports a wide variety of solutions such as:

  • zend php certification
  • e-Commerce Applications
  • Web Stores
  • Online CMS systems
  • Online Discussion Forums
  • Hassel-Free Blogs
  • Online Bookstores
  • Online Design Solutions
  • Collaboration Tools

  • Short Time to Market- PHP enables fast implementation of complex solutions. The benefit? The faster a new application enters the market, the higher your cost-efficiency and the greater your competitive advantage.
  • Easy Integration- PHP runs on practically any platform – not only on Linux, but also, for example, on Windows, Unix, and IBM’s System i. In addition, because PHP seamlessly integrates with other technologies (e.g. Java), we can re-use your current software components. This is a major benefit, as no re-development is required for the existing software.
  • Flexibility- PHP also offers great flexibility during and after the initial project. This is important, since functionality often changes during a project’s lifetime. A great thing about PHP is that we can implement changes even after starting development, without losing valuable time.

  • PHP applications can be deployed or placed in most of the webservers.
  • PHP is open source, that means PHP can be downloaded and can be used FREE of cost.
  • PHp can work with most of the Database server like MYSQL, SQLSERVER etc.
  • PHP Applications are platform Independent.

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Client Testimonial

PHP Development Company-testimonial

We have been working with future Profilez for two years. They are first-rate and high level web development agency. We worked with Future Profilez on re-organizing our Gift Basket Online shop. Working remotely was smooth and reliable. We always appreciate their professional works. Especially response times and patience of the new requests.

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