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Engagement Models

Choosing the right engagement model can be critical to the success of your project, as it can not only accelerate your software development lifecycle, but can also considerably contribute to the net profit of your company.
Every company is different,and so is their needs and Hence, this require different engagement models to fulfill it! So, you can choose from our range of models that suits you best!

Project costs can be significantly reduced if greater amounts of work are completed offshore, here are the different engagement models we offer-Choose that suits you best!

  • No complexities
  • No compromise with quality
  • Transparent quotes
  • Secured development environment
  • Calculated costs and budgeted rates
  • Close-knit support
  • 100% Privacy Maintained
  • Standardized Approach

You are free to make a choice-Choose
from our range of models that suits you best

Hire a Dedicated Resource

If your organization has software development requirements that would likely change in the future or if you would like a flexible model, then the hourly model is the perfect model for you. The resource will work as per customers requirements set for a stipulated time frame decided prior with terms and conditions favorable at both ends. This model is more popular in recent times as the customer has a flexibility to utilize this dedicated resource as per their requirements. The Business with dynamic needs and variable scope can opt for this model. The payment happens through invoices which will be sent to you for the number of hours spent on the project.

A little more flexibility is always good, right? You can choose the dedicated resources From below.
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    Full-time Hire

    In this model the business has a competent pool at its disposal to meet the project’s technical demands. It also involves assurance of duly signed NDA to preserve client’s rights to confidentiality. Most clients prefer this option, as it employs direct and clear communication with the person working on the project and to provide them full control over the development process. You can hire experts in web development, web designing, mobile app development and SEO throughout the duration of your project development.

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    Part-time Hire

    As the name implies, in part-time hiring model, we provide you with an expert who will work for a minimum of 80 hours monthly towards your project, employed for 7 days/week.You can communicate with theme via chat, email and phone when required. Professionals are available at Indian Time Zone. No monthly Setup fees in advance for the next month.

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    Full-time Hire

    For small projects remove and to small business needs, we have yet another model that works on an hourly basis. We can hire our expert based on the number of working hours. The hiring period is minimum 10 hours, which can be further extended to a decent number of hours as per development requirements and business process.

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Fixed Price

This model works on a fixed price arrangement. The payment is dispensed upon completion of milestones that are predefined and agreed upon by both the parties before the commencement of the project. This model is well suited to clients who have well-structured process to gather requirements, scope, deliverable and acceptance criteria for the project.
As you provide us with a clear idea, requirements, scope along with the deliverable and acceptance, we execute the projects on a fixed-price and billing basis. During development, we provide phase-wise delivery and keep up with the delivery schedules. Consider it as one of the most effective and convenient models to cut down on your costs and stay within budget.

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Time and Material

Customers often find it difficult to define their requirements, particularly in emerging technology markets where specifications and implementation plans change frequently. In such cases, we offer our skilled resources on a time and material basis i.e. when the resources and time can’t be estimated upfront at the start our Time & Material model is perfect.
We form a team to execute the project while you retain the flexibility to adjust project resources based upon your evolving requirements. We also offer you the flexibility to switch to the Fixed Price Project model once the scope of your project becomes better understood. Adding to this, we follow a sorted project management process based on a daily/weekly reporting system, without any complexity. We charge the client based on the number of hours dedicated by each resource.


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