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Project Communication

  • Timely and informed communication

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  • Keeping all the discussions and concerns in loop

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  • Effective project Management

The Quality of communications is the quality of project!

  • 01

    Project Analysis and Communication Plan

    We carefully listen to the client’s project requirements; document the requirements, scope of the project. We share the project SRS with our website development team for detailed analysis, research, fact findings, and design workflow design to understand the requirement and scope of the project. Identify who will be involved in the communication plan the resources and stakeholders (such as Project Manager, technical and business Analyst, Development team etc). When the information is communicated — weekly, monthly, quarterly, as needed, or as identified.
  • 02

    Project kickoff Meeting

    After the project has been documented and stakeholders are Identified the Next step is, Project Knick-off meeting. A project kick-off meeting is the best opportunity for a project manager to energize his or her team. Our Business Analyst Expert will arrange a client meeting with the dedicated Project manager and team members who are going to be involved throughout. Although a project kick-off meeting appears to be a simple meeting with all the stakeholders of the project, a successful project kick-off meeting requires proper planning. The following steps are some of the important preparation points for a successful project kick-off meeting. These steps help you to stay focused, establish and demonstrate leadership, and help integrating individual members into the project team.
  • 03

    Single Point of Contact

    To avoid complexities and miscommunication, we maintain a single point of contact, where a dedicated project manager is assigned to each project to ensure clear and effective interaction.The data & information are centralized, so the team can easily access that any time and that save a lot of effort and time. Also, all the data and communication are stored over the Project Management and collaboration Tools like Trellis, Asana and orange scrum, so in any case project manager is not available then we can still access the data. However, in certain cases, a client can contact any individual team member to handle any specific issues.
  • 04

    Multiple Communication Channels

    Today’s fast-moving era, we practice conversation on multiple channels. We use Skype, Email, Messengers, and Phone calls to interact with our national and international clients. We encourage live meetings, video and audio conference calls (using Got meeting, WebEx etc), instant messaging and emails. Both written and verbal communication methods are used appropriately as and when required.
  • 05

    Privacy and Security

    We understand that project details and client information are extremely sensitive. Only the member who is associate to the project can access the project data and all team members working at futureprofilez are bound to keep the information within the office, not breaching any privacy policy contract.
  • 06

    Project Management Tools and Project Workflow

    Project management is one of the high-responsibility tasks in modern organizations and it’s not sugar all the time, so managing it through Modern Project Management tool make it a little easy and managed. There are some tools on which we have a hand-on experience such as Trello, Asana and orange scrum and we don’t hesitate to use any other tool, if there is any preference of the client.
  • 07

    Weekly Review Meetings and Status Report

    We believe that regular review of work is important to maintain the quality. The long and short if performance matters in your operation, performance reviews are absolutely necessary.We schedule meetings on weekly or fortnightly basis and According to client’s convenience and project requirement. We can use Skype, Go to meeting, WebEx or any other platform to have Live, audio, video meeting, so if required we can use share screens and use whiteboard etc.
  • 08

    MOM and Status Report

    To refer to a conversation discussed two weeks back or so, we always believe in documenting everything. The best way to document the review meeting, we prefer the MOM after each meeting and we also list all the points on the project management tools as well. Our documentation process includes procedures, feedbacks, and consolidation of all resources to ensure easy sharing and references. Even the emails and Skype chats are preserved for any future communication. And after each development phase, we send a project status report to the client to share what has been developed and what’s pending and to know the feedback and any changes if required in between.
  • 09

    Respect & Flexibility

    We value client’s suggestions, opinions and contributions in the project development and give them the freedom to communicate any changes they think are necessary for the betterment of the overall project. And at point of development, if you wish to communicate to the higher management person of our company, you can just send a single message away. We believe in total customer satisfaction and quality management.

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