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How SEO is going to Change in 2019

  • images 15-Dec-2018
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It’s never being late to start preparing for the future. 2019 will be a revolutionary year for SEO Company in India. Between virtual reality and augmented reality, or blockchain and artificial intelligence, we will see massive shifts in the way we, as search engine optimizers, do things.

Can’t wait to see that what’ll happen to SEO in 2019? Here we are providing you with Popular SEO Trends for 2019

  • AI will change how we do keyword research
    SEO Specialists will have to involve in understanding the underlying mechanisms of Artificial Intelligence when it comes to keyword research. Experts believe this type of search is still 5-7 years down the road before it really takes hold. It is very important to consider content such as length, quality, TF-IDF, and its structure.


  • Site Impressions will be removed with the use of Amazon Search and Voice Search
    According to a Kenshoo study, Biggest SEO trend in 2019 will be Amazon search. More than 50% of consumers begin searches around products on Amazon (not Google). This shift is very huge. Amazon search cannot be neglected. It could be the new Google. It’s clear that Amazon Search will create a new history in 2019.


  • Voice Search and its Challenges
    Voice Search is going to be one of the biggest SEO trends in 2019 for a digital marketing company. It changes the way in which consumers search on the web. Consumers who use voice search over traditional searching tends to change up the way they ask for something while using voice search.


  • Search Intent and Code Optimization Will Have More Emphasis
    Keyword creation for SEO specialists will become less important in 2019. Because voice search and mobile search is on the rise, therefore, keywords creations become less popular and more about the meaning behind the keyword and how it is used in the context of a search. There are few tools available on the internet that will assist the SEO specialist in a better way by analyzing the keywords and key phrases.


  • Data and Interpreting It
    Technology will play a vital role in interpreting the meaning behind a search query. With the increase in personal information being shared, it becomes very important to keep websites secure by using hosting on secure servers, encrypting on sites, keeping everything up-to-date, and blockchain.


Websites will be expected to load instantaneously in 2019, FutureProfilez ensures to have the methods in place which will help you to keep above the pack.

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