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Web Development: 8 Steps for the Perfect Web Design

  • images 01-Aug-2019
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Web Designing is often seen as a herculean task, especially if you’re just an everyday sort of person, without much technical expertise. But that’s just partially true. In fact, by just following a few simple steps, you can design your own website the professional way.

Remember that no matter if you manage to attract viewers to your website, only an impressive website will give them a reason to stick around. As the leading Website Design Company in India, let us assist you with these 8 simple steps that you must follow in order to stitch together the perfect Web Design.

  1. Information Gathering: First of all, you need to establish the main goal concerned with the website you wish to develop. Have a clear vision about what the items you are selling and what your business is all about. Never make an organic food supply store look like an advertisement for a rock-band tour. Gather information regarding all the items/categories that are needed to be included within the website, and only then shall you proceed.
  2. Strategizing/Audience Targeting: Brand image is the most crucial thing. Who the items are meant for, and whom exactly are you trying to cater to? Audience targeting is based on the various traits (including age, gender, technical prowess, occupation, sometimes ethnicity etc) that you must identify. Consequently, extra effort is eliminated trying to cater to the wrong consumer base.
  3. Wire-Frame and Architecture: Web UX/UI design service providers take these factors into prime consideration. Architecture refers to sitemaps here. These sitemaps are important for establishing the relationship between different pages and to assign a certain navigation path to the elements of your website. Wireframes also depict the overall view of the content that has to be displayed, even if they aren’t directly linked to the design elements of the page.
  4. Visual Blueprint: Your wireframes and architecture finalize the blueprint of the layout. So the next step is to ensure a creative visual style for your pages. Your brand image/nature is a major deciding factor here. As a designer, you obviously would want to clarify your occupation or your company’s line of operation through your web design.
  5. Design Development: When the layout is finalized, it’s time for you to do the actual stocking of content and element into the website. Product placement, content inclusion, infographics and hundreds of other additions as per your wish can now be a part of your website. Supplementary items such as videos, slideshows, podcasts etc can all be eventually blended into the website.
  6. Design Testing: Now before you actually launch the website on a live platform, make sure to first place it on a testing server/production server. It’s all almost impossible to fix all issue at the first trial so this step is necessary. Try running your website on multiple browsers (FireFox, Google Chrome etc) and also seek a second opinion to avoid any minor issue that you might have overlooked.
  7. Website Launch: The big day then ensues! Once the site has been approved by yourself and the stakeholders (if need be), simply make it go live. Broken links, minor bugs, some misplaced vowel in a sentence are all common occurrences. They should be eliminated as soon as their discovery in order to avoid immediate, destructive criticism.
  8. Website Maintenance: Just Like every other trend to have ever existed, your design at some point in time is going to look out-of-date and shall then suffer from depleting responses. Some of the factors you need to keep a close eye on are -
  9. Keeping the content updated/relevant.
  10. Fix all broken links regularly.
  11. New fonts, color schemes etc at regular intervals.

Just remember that your work isn’t finished following the website launch. Regular revamp is necessary to maintain audience interest.

Conclusion: Future Profilez is the most reputed Web Development Company in India. Our group of highly innovative and experienced web developers has previously helped some of the most reputed brands in their respective sectors by offering them fully revamped web designs that have brought fresh leads and business opportunities to them from all over the world. Brand image is everything, and we make sure it’s taken care of.

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