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How to Start Your eCommerce Business in 2019

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When you’re looking to build an eCommerce business model from scratch, it takes more than just choosing a fancy brand name. In addition to the obvious route of finding the perfect platform, you, as the business owner should also keep a number of key focal points in mind as well. As the leading web development company in India, below we have mentioned the step-by-step procedure for you to follow.

In order to properly start your own eCommerce business in 2019.

1) Business Model Research: Proper research with regards to the nature of your business is an absolute must. You should decide beforehand if you are selling physical goods, online services, software-based solutions or anything else. The decision may rely on a number of key factors including your personal area of expertise, financial capabilities, inventory management, local demand, competition, etc.

2)  E-commerce Niche Research: Remember that the absence of competition isn’t always a good thing since it can also indicate a lack of market for the products you’re selling. Choosing your niche is an imperial process towards establishing an online business. For this, study the topmost firms in your field, or maybe even collaborate with a few business owners by cross-promoting each other’s brand. Focusing on a niche that yields positive response on social media is a smart choice as well.

3) Audience Targeting: To cut down on excessive promotion costs, it’s more preferable that you identify the kind of consumers you’re trying to cater to. You must filter out the public demographic most likely to find your services appealing.
What does your brand represent? Why is your product different from anything else on the market? Who are the ideal customers for your products? These are just a few of the questions you must address.

4) The Ideal E-commerce Platform: If you opt for acquiring assistance from an E-commerce Development Company for developing your online store, it’s crucial that you choose the ideal platform to do so beforehand. Although no eCommerce software is completely foolproof, choosing the ones most suited to your business scale will ultimately be quite cost-efficient in the long run.

5) Establishing Your E-Commerce Store: With all the formalities out of the way, now it’s time for you to make your brand an official entity.

Step 1- Pick a suitable name for your brand, and then register it for tax returns, legal protection, etc.

Step 2-  License your business and have it verified by acquiring an Employer Identification Number (EIN), thereby allowing yourself to have a corporate bank account.

Step 3- Contact with the concerned authorities within your city, state or country to understand the nature of sales taxes and the carious permits you may require to document. Get everything approved by them before commencing your operations.

Step 4- Since you need to stay ahead of the competition, you must therefore quickly find the perfect vendors to supply you the products. A balance of quality and affordability of services must be maintained with your suppliers.

Step 5 - Visual appeal is a very important aspect of brand exposure. So create a logo that is attractive and mirrors your business sector. You need to be visually creative with the fonts and other infographics that are displayed on your online store.

6) Engaging your Customers: It’s no longer enough to simply stuff hundreds of keywords with your content/website and expecting waves of new visitors every day towards your services. An excellent Magento Development Company will offer you the means to engage your customers and drive organic traffic towards your Magento store.

Conclusion: By following the aforementioned simple points, you will be able to set-up a potentially successful eCommerce store in no time. FutureProfilez is a pre-eminent eCommerce Development Company in India. For over a decade, we have served a number of clients internationally by offering them the most optimum quality of web solutions at highly economical pricing. We don’t just create an online store for your business, our in-house SEO team also makes sure that your brand exposure skyrockets, and organic leads and generated via modern SMO/SEO methodologies.

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