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5 Golden Rules for Logo Designing in 2019

  • images 09-Aug-2019
  • images Futureprofilez
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Designing the perfect logo is like baking homemade cookies. The job seems easier on the surface, that rarely ends up looking perfect or taste that delicious. That, of course, is not necessarily the case every time, especially when you know the rules to create the perfect logo for your business/company,

As the most renowned Logo Design Company in India, here we have mentioned a list of 5 golden rules that every logo designer should keep in mind, especially when looking to expand their business appeal in 2019.

1. Ever-Lasting/Longevity: Think of all the big brand out there, from any sector as well. The likes of Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Apple Inc., Starbucks etc. are all easily recognizable since they’ve had the same logo for the entirety (or at least majority) of their tenure. So opting for something ever-green rather than popular or trendy is the way to go.

The job, however, is easier said than done. You should opt for a color scheme that is striking but at the same time, not over-powering. If shapes are to be involved then everyday figures like circles or triangles are good choices as well. Overall, your logo design should stand the test of time, rather than looking eye-catching for a short duration. That’s what successful businesses go for.

2. Originality: Individualistic approach is the best one for a logo designer since when/if it all comes to fruition, the satisfaction is that much sweeter. Also, a client instantly thinks of your business as soon as he/she comes across it since that logo is distinguishable from everything else.

The whole mission is to stand apart from everyone else (especially the competition), so a unique drawing plants a unique impression as well. Yes, motivation can be drawn from anyone but at the same time, avoiding overused logo tactics/designs is compulsory.

3. Versatile: Versatility of a logo design is an often overlooked yet crucial aspect. The usability of that logo should always be kept in mind during designing. Your logo is obviously going to be imprinted on banners, pamphlets, business cards, websites and all such platforms hence it should look equally striking on any size.

The same versatility goes with logo’s shade. An excellent Website Design Company in India will make sure that the sizing and shading of the logo are maintained at optimum standards. The flexibility of your Logo design is taken care of this way, and it looks as impressive on a billboard as it does on a party invitation card.

4. Keep It Simple: Sometimes, it’s all about keeping it simple yet elegant. Coming back to the big brands, let’s take a look at what logo Nike has had over the years. The characteristics are so simple that they send a clear and strong message to the company’s consumer base.

Despite popular belief, the sign is not a tick mark but rather a nod to the wing of a Greek Goddess of Victory. So even in simplicity, the roots and the brains behind the logo design can always point to something gigantic. So when choosing a logo pattern, a less-cluttered and straight forward mark isn’t as dumb of an idea as it might have sounded before.

5. Relevancy: Though not a universal law by any means, still it’s preferred that your logo should be able to reflect your brand/business to an extent. Every business (no matter the size) has a story behind it. So why not dig deep into the memory lane and come up with an otherwise insignificant object as the blueprint of your logo.

A logo can even be as straight forward as the brand name (look at Target’s logo as an example of that). All in all, the relevancy of the logo with the business nature is always helpful in clarifying to the customers as to what you are, and the line of work that you associate with.

Conclusion:- Future Profilez is the largest Web Development Company in India. We have the most creative and experienced designers at your service. They have fabricated a number of impressive logo designs for businesses of all scales and sectors.

Our designing approach is trend-setting and we guarantee online brand exposure to all our clients with the level of competency your new designs are able to present. The complete range of our web services is delivered with strict time-scaling and at highly affordable prices.

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