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11 Best UI Design Tools for Websites in 2019

  • images 19-Jun-2019
  • images Futureprofilez
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Today literally thousands of UI tools are available to a designer, so choosing the best among all is a pretty difficult task. A website design company in India will have professionals equipped with the necessary knowledge of all the best tools out there.

Here’s a list of the top 11 UI design tools at their disposal in 2019.

1. RapidUI: In terms of utility, RapidUI is perhaps the holy grail for all designers and those who have PhotoShop skills.
The tool is free of charge and with the help of it, you can take your PhotoShop files and convert them into sites, without any in-depth grasp of coding. All your design elements like videos, images, sliders, etc are very responsive.

2. MockPlus idoc: Despite what the name might suggest, the platform is compatible with both Mac as well as Windows users. MockPlus idoc is a collaboration tool and allows you to export your design mockups and wireframes straight to your project folder.

3. MockFlow: Mockflow is a UX suite and is the ideal platform for generating wireframes and basic design processes.
When you especially want to create a simple layout with minimum fuss and time consumption, then MockFlow really is the best of the bunch.

4. Flinto: Flinto is widely accepted as one of the best prototyping tools out there. It allows creating impressive prototypes for your website across all devices.
The tool is integrated with major platforms like Sketch and is a smart purchase for $99.

5. UXPin: UXPin incorporates an all in one experience for UI designers by involving all the processes. Wireframes, mockups, prototyping, feedback analysis, and all the other elements are included here.
So say if you have generated a wireframe, you can then test out the results and make changes all in the same file. Then you can upload the final design directly into the same document.

6. Axure: For wireframing tools, Axure has been a celebrity name for quite a few years now. it should be your first choice when executing complex projects that include dynamic data. You can structurize the elements more efficiently here and handling a difficult project gets just that little bit easier.

7. Sketch: Alongside PhotoShop, Sketch is maybe the most commonly known tool among the designers worldwide. The tool lets you create impressive design layouts and prototypes. With features like ‘symbol’, you can recycle your previous design elements into your future projects, which saves a heck of time and effort. Also, the tool is lightweight in its execution when compared to major software like PhotoShop.

8. Framer X: Framer X is comparatively newer but is gaining rapid traction with the designers. It is very efficient for generating prototypes and interactions. A huge number of design tools are included here for making impressive logos and icons. Also with ready-made CSS code generation, you can easily export your file from your canvas.

9. Fluid: With Fluid, you can now create web & mobile prototypes in literally a few The tool is highly congenital for generating working designs and prototypes, courtesy of a number of UI assets included. It is very easy here to put in animations into your prototype with just a few clicks and gestures.

10. Atomic: Atomic is one of those all-inclusive platforms where the whole vision revolves around creating the entire prototype in a single place. This eliminates a number of complexities that occur during designing. Atomic is not only integrated with Sketch and PhotoShop but has an uncanny resemblance to Sketch in its interface. So a designer familiar with Sketch would be at ease using the Atomic tool.

11. Marvel: Marvel is another prototyping tool but is very quick in its execution. The platform is rid of any complex features and is highly suited for any simple projects where so much time is saved in generating design prototypes. Marvel allows you to quickly build those pages and later insert your final design into the project workflow.

Conclusion: All the aforementioned UI tools are likely to remain extremely useful for the foreseeable future and you should definitely check them out.

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