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Why Is Laravel The Best PHP Framework In 2018?

  • images 11-Sep-2018
  • images Futureprofilez
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Robust features, simple authentication mechanism and elegant syntax pattern is all that adds up to Laravel. It comes with clean documentation, along with MVC support adds up to Laravel. The buzz is around that Laravel is the most loved frameworks in PHP gang. But why is it? Today, lets take a look around the Laravel, and see what makes it really favourite.

Laravel has till date created around 38312 starts on GitHub!

Laravel supports migration as one may rollback all the migrations, rerun them, and more to do.

Laravel also offers incredible third party package; Laravel 4 generators that may be installed through composers. Earlier, one had to personally or manually write down the schema, but with enabled Laravel 4, one may just write the code, while the generator shall take care of the rest. Which means, with two commands, one may prepare and build a new database table.

Not only this, there’s more to come:  Check out

Object-Oriented Libraries is one of the main reasons that has made PHP top the rank in the race of PHP framework, and makes it unique. Though it is easy to implement, yet it comes with many advanced features like checking the active users, password reset, etc.

Consistent Documentation:

Whenever a new version was introduced it came well documented, beforehand; thus making it user friendly. A developer could relate it to previous version, as the framework was consistent. Also  the coding style and commenting abilities added to it.

MVC Support:

MVC architecture is supported by Laravel. MVC improves the overall performance as it ensures clear view between logic and presentation.


Here in Laravel , the password is  secured as it is never saved in plain test; but with use of salted and hashed data. Thus keeping the password hack free. It is clear that Laravel takes care of security within its frameworks.

Frameworks  may keep on adding to PHP frameworks list. But we are quiet sure that Laravel shall remain the most favourite framework till long. The features that Laravel carries with it elegantly, makes it applicable to top the favourite PHP frameworks list.

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