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Laravel vs CodeIgniter Which PHP framework to choose in 2019?

  • images 10-Jul-2019
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This is a golden period for any web developer now. The person literally has thousands of ways to go about creating a website but that also adds a dilemma. A CodeIgniter Development Company that has been in the game long enough would know the perks associated with the giant platform, but so is the case the other way around.  More options do lead to more confusion, especially when it comes to choosing an optimum PHP framework. Laravel and CodeIgniter usually come forth as the two best candidates, but when choosing between the two, the following comparison metrics must be considered.

Simplicity: A developer with limited coding knowledge should definitely opt for CodeIgniter, especially for small websites. The framework is less bloated and gets rid of all the unnecessary tools that you never are likely to use for application development. The complete footprint of CodeIgniter is smaller than 3 MB in size.

Templates: Laravel these days comes equipped with blade template that is robust and extremely potent in boosting your webpage viewing. The developer can optimize the layout of his application and thus aid trafficking. CodeIgniter doesn’t have an in-built template engine.

Security: CodeIgniter has been existing for a very long time. Naturally, it has wide networking support and thousands of developers are involved. That way, all the major bugs are fixed immediately, and SQL injection is also easier to prevent with CodeIgniter

MVC Approach: Both Frameworks follow the MVC pattern. So what makes them different? Simply put, CodeIgniter’s MVC pattern is much easier to understand and execute. At the same time, Laravel's  MVC pattern is much broader and loaded. So MVC with CodeIgniter is more beginner friendly, while Laravel approach is better for large web applications.

DBMS support platform: Laravel is a newer platform so therefore supports a wider range of DBMS Platforms including MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, JDBC and many more. So the functionality for Laravel is widespread.

Database Structure: CodeIgniter follows the OODB (Object Oriented DataBase) structure while Laravel is based on Relational Object Oriented approach. So, with CodeIgniter, it gets comparatively easier to store unrelated data with no pattern as a single entity.

Libraries: Laravel offers a host of inbuilt libraries, more so than most other PHP frameworks. Apart from that, it is also easier to integrate with third-party libraries when using Laravel. CodeIgniter does include some libraries, but their functionality isn’t that varied.

Inbuilt Modules: Perhaps the biggest reason why Laravel is used by many today is the features associated with the modules. The developer can create complex websites more easily than most other platforms by simply segmenting a large module into smaller parts, and then work on them one by one.

Conclusion: In the end, it wouldn’t be fair to declare one framework to be better than the other. Let’s put it this way then, if you are a beginner looking to develop a new website, then use CodeIgniter which is easy to understand and implement. But then if you have the needed coding grasp and want to generate an attractive though complex application, look no further than Laravel as your framework.

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