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Fantasy Cricket App Development Cost – You Should know

  • images 29-Sep-2022
  • images Futureprofilez
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Fantasy Cricket is gaining popularity exponentially as people go crazy over numerous fantasy cricket apps across the nation. Cricket has been one of the favourite games of the nation and people understand the game very nicely. A Fantasy Cricket app can make the game much more popular and interesting to watch. Fantasy gaming offers enormous potential for entrepreneurs to realise their dreams. But the most important step in this trip is to create a platform with all the necessary components to turn it into a profitable business. To excel in a fantasy cricket business, you need to get help from the best Android App Development Company India or an iOS one.


The app services must be good enough and highly professional. With better Fantasy Sports App/Web Development services, you can buy an amazing and profitable Fantasy Cricket app. So, Future Profilez is here to help you in the best way possible. We have been offering top-notch app development at the most affordable prices. We are the ones that can help you build the path to success in Fantasy cricket and it is what makes us the best Android App Development Company. Therefore, get in touch with our expert team now to get lightning deals. 


Cost Of The Development Of A Fantasy Sports App

There are a lot of factors that govern the cost of a fantasy sports app. Well, there are different app landing platforms such as windows, android, iOS, etc. Some of the cost governing factors of Fantasy Sports Web/App Development is - 



  • Domain Registration - You have to register a domain for the app you develop. Per year, you have to pay some amount of money as the domain charges.


  • Legal Fees - Legal fees are not fixed for app development. Well if you get services from Future Profilez, the legal fee you have to pay will be very low. 


  • Consultancy - Proper consultancy is very essential for the development of an effective and precise fantasy sports app. Therefore, you may have to pay for the consultancy charges that may vary. 


  • Hosting - Depending on the hosting providers and traffic, it may cost roughly $100 per year. Additional security features and regular website backups could come at an additional cost.


  • AMC - The annual maintenance cost of the app development may increase the total cost of the project. It is very essential to maintain the app periodically. 


  • Data Feed - The data requirement of a Fantasy Sports app is different, The amount of data you're willing to add, much will be the cost of the overall project. 


What Makes Us The Best


Future Profilez has been the best option for the agencies willing to build a Fantasy Sports app. There are numerous reasons that make us the best. Some of these are as follows -


  • Safe Payments - the payment gateways we provide for the apps we make are super secure. Therefore, all the transactions the customers make on your app are super safe. Thus, you can easily gain reliability in the Fantasy Sports market among the people.


  • Better UI - The User Interface of the apps we develop is super effective and eye catchy. Users can easily and seamlessly go through the app. 


  • Seamless Services - We provide highly efficient and seamless services to our customers. Therefore, there is nothing that can make you regret getting services from us.


  • Affordable Pricing - The prices we offer for our series are super low so that it does not create a bad effect on your budget. 


  • Real-Time Analytics - We provide the best real-time services for an app. The apps may now record data in real-time thanks to this technology. Real-time updates and ongoing archiving of the data are performed. 

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