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Designers vs Developers: Is a Perfect Workflow Possible?

  • images 09-Jan-2019
  • images Futureprofilez
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Developer vs Designer:

There is a big difference between a developer and a designer. A web designer is a person who comes up with the look of a website and creates assets like images, icons etc. They are expert in Photoshop and other graphic design things.

A real graphic designer doesn’t actually implement the site. Instead of this, they prepare a representation of how it will look like at the end of the project. The web developer will develop the actual website and its applications. A developer is a person who writes code and develops web applications, they can get into your site and create an entire site from scratch or edit files to make changes into it. The web development company in India works with developers and designers with code editors and other development-related tools.

Here, In this blog we are giving you some points on the workflow of Designers and developer:

1. Coordination between Designers and developers

Utilize your designers during the UI/UX development process. Don’t keep designers in the sidelines expecting them to just “push the pixels.” A web designer sees every possibility and tries to create new innovations even before the implementation starts. To take advantage of this, keep designers and developers in the loop. Provide access to designers to see, and test, the work in progress. Try to deliver the project in the mid Because it is much easier to make changes in the middle of a build than at the end. Once a designer gets a chance to test the project, they can compile a list of problems and solutions, and suggest improvements.

2. Feedback Loop

Feedback from the designer is a little bit crucial, and it has to happen as often as possible. It’s probably the most time-consuming thing that you will do in the complete project. But, you need to adopt it for delivering perfect results to clients. Here are a couple of UX and UI design workflow tips on how to make your feedback perfect.

3. Deliver Better UI/UX according to the developer

Working with an excellent designer or design team can be an invaluable asset to any development team. Having clear communication channels, and free-flowing co-operation, the designer should give everything which developer need to speed up the building process and limit questions and misunderstandings as much as possible.

At the end of the project, Workflows matter. The closer you get to the Fully Integrated workflow, the more the creative team can affect the final product. For the best developer and the designer, you can contact FutureProfilez for better development and great things together Because they are working as a team and satisfied each and every client needs.


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