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10 Best WordPress plugins in 2019

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To grasp what a plugin simply is, suppose that you as a businessman in India and want to create an online WordPress website. Naturally, you want it to look appealing to the viewer and that’s where WordPress Development Company in India comes forth. They employ different plugins to do so. So plugins are the inbuilt tools that have a set of different functions which let you build your website just the way you want to. But with over 50,000 WordPress plugins that are available today, which ones should be on top of your priority list?

Here a list sharing the 10 best WordPress plugins in 2019 that you should definitely check out.

Yoast SEO: Any WordPress plugin developer knows how marvelous a wok Yoast SEO has done. It has all the features to improve your SEO trafficking. When it comes to qualitative SEO optimization, nobody comes close to the efficiency of this plugin. Yoast SEO can assist you in improving your content ranking drastically.

OptinMonster: OptinMonster is one of the best optimization software out there. The Drag and Drop in feature aid on the SEO front by improving on your number of followers. Anyone who visits your page will get a receive a direct route to become a subscriber. This is especially beneficial if you are a blogger or run an E-commerce business because that way your content/product can be displayed to a wider audience.

Woocommerce: WooCommerce is one of the largest and most renowned plugin software today. It is an E-commerce platform that is loaded with a host of add ons and provides optimum WordPress integration. Further, WooCommerce is completely free of cost and open source in functioning. The software provides hundreds of themes and templates for customization, thus serving as a genuine alternative to Shopify.

Jetpack: Newer and hence fresher to the game, Jetpack comes with all the latest features that make it a must-have for every WordPress website. For instance, the sharing feature here will automatically share your content to major social sites which boosts your trafficking (and your mood).

Google XML Sitemaps: Another free plugin, it’s denoted in the name what the software is here to do. This plugin assigns your content a unique sitemap so that all major search engines like Google and Yahoo can easily index your work. Needless to say, it promotes trafficking and your ranking will feel a major boost.

W3 Total Cache: Again there’s a sign in the name here. This plugin serves the purpose of WordPress Caching will allow you to store all your work within a temporary cache for later use and this saves a heck of a time. Your page will be loading quickly and efficiency will prevail. When a viewer visits your site, you already might have repelled them if what they experience first is prolonged page lag.

BeaverBuilder: Similar to OptinMonster, the drag and drop page building feature will let you customize your whole page via numerous designing templates. You no longer need to write separate codes for designing your web page. This plugin, however, has one up over OptinMonster in one respect that even untrained personnel can customize the whole website by himself with minimal coding experience.

WP Forms: WP Form falls into the category of a contact form type of plugin. When employing it, all your viewers have a direct path to get in contact with you. This is a blessing for all Bloggers and online businesses. The user can create everything as they vision it, whether it be the banner, starting page, register page, etc. Additionally, WP Firm enjoys the highest customer rating than any other plugin so surely they provide something good.

Akismet: Akismet is a brainchild of WordPress itself and therefore comes as default installation software with WordPress. The most unique thing about this plugin is that it can automatically filter out all the spam and promotions in the comments left by the viewers. It will detect the comments’ history on your page and trace tall the URL’s so that other unsuspecting visitors don’t suffer from viruses and spamming. So Akismet, in general, is very handy WordPress security software.

WP Rocket: Staying on the nomenclature theme, we know what a rocket here signifies. Simply put, this plugin is an extremely useful tool, especially for E-commerce businesses by significantly boosting your website speed without coding. So the efficiency of your website and viewer contentment remains top notch. A bundle of add ons like Imagify and CDN support makes it an even more viable alternative.

Conclusion: All the aforementioned WordPress plugins are highly functional and convenient. All of them are likely to stay long after 2019 can should be on top of the priority list for any WordPress user FutureProfilez is a renowned WordPress development company in India known for providing the best WordPress services to its clients.

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