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What will it take to be a Digital Marketer in 2020 and Beyond?

  • images 11-Oct-2019
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Digital marketing is a vaguely resembling image to what it used to be even a decade ago. It’s no longer a career path for individuals simply with attractive communication skills and virtually not much technical prowess.

With that said, here’s what it’s going to take in order for you to be an excellent Digital Marketing in 2020 and beyond-

1. Adequate SEO skills: The effect of Social Media Optimization is not a secret amongst seasoned marketing professionals. Moving forward, nothing is going to be more preferable than acquiring a paramount ranking on search results. Now depending on your brand’s finances, you can either fashion organic content or simply employ paid content in order to acquire those high rankings.

A digital marketing professional in 2019 must be well aware of the different SEO techniques that generate higher web traffic. The end result is to generate maximum sales and that you are able to deliver your clients with higher site conversions.

2. Analytical-based thinking: It’s never a great idea to jump on a bandwagon of just any marketing campaign just because it worked before. Every campaign is different, with unique requirements and end goals. Numeric based analyzing is the only concrete way of choosing the ideal marketing strategies.

In 2020, the margin of error for a digital marketer is non-existent. You should only invest in a certain branding tactic after thoroughly analyzing all the market trends. Strategizing, improvisation, and structured planning are all-inclusive in this section of analytical-based thinking.

3. Effective communication/interpersonal skills: This is perhaps a no-brainer. A digital marketer is essentially tasked with being the representative of a brand itself. Hence, he/she must be excellent in unfolding the business elements to potential clients/investors. Delivering your product description in the best possible manner is crucial to selling.

So when you have communication skills in abundance, the prospects will engage with you and therefore feel inclined towards collaborating with you. Even social media posts require an intellectually apt individual should generate them.

4. Social Media Marketing: On the subject of Social media, it’s crucial in today’s marketplace that you re able to harness the maximum potential out of all social media platforms. A huge chunk of your prospects use these platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) on a regular basis during their free time.

By engaging with your demographic on a regular basis (via Facebook Live, Instagram stories etc), your brand can remain fresh in their memories. A modern digital marketer will understand, and consequently implement the best bits out of what Social Media Marketing (SMM) has to offer.

5. Content Writing acumen: Content writing as a skill always seems easier on the surface. But in order to engage with your viewer, it’s important that you write informative content, rather than garnishing it with your massive vocabulary. A digital marketing expert in 2020 must be able to educate, engage, influence and charm the audience before introducing them to their services.

Content writing in itself includes entities such as blog writing, infographics, e-mailing, video content, animations, etc. so being capable in all of them is going to come in handy.

6. Credible Coding knowledge: Basic grasp of a few programming languages will offer you an edge over fellow digital marketers in the future. No website is completely foolproof. Hence, your ability in offering minor bug fixes and tackling minor website issues will ascend you in the pecking order.

Unline before, multitasking is the norm in 2019. Coding knowledge as a digital marketer is no longer an additional skill that is only relevant while submitting your CV. marketing personnel with adequate coding knowledge are currently in very high demand.

7. Harnessing the influence of AI: Thanks to the recent technological innovations, AI is an everyday part of our lives and the trend is not likely to stop anytime soon. Over 60% of digital marketers globally are well-acquainted with the AI and employ their efficiencies on a daily basis.

In the marketing sector, AI can be used to analyze social media trends, calculate ROI and engage with customers via chat boxes. AI can also assist in PPC advertising.

Conclusion:- There are roads to cover in order to become a digital marketer and a 2020’s digital marketer. But once you implement the aforementioned key points, you will certainly elevate into a digital marketing professional.

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