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Trip from Jaipur to Pushkar for Office Anniversary Celebration

  • images 27-Jul-2022
  • images Futureprofilez
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Future Profilez Pvt. Ltd. is a leading IT company offering innovative solutions. We celebrated our 11th corporate anniversary by making a trip from Jaipur to Pushkar. Our whole team joined the trip along with our CEO Mr. Vishal Solanki. It was a memorable trip that makes the completion of 11 successful years of the company more special.


It was a two-day trip that started on 16th July 2022 from Jaipur. Our first stop was Birla City Water Park situated in Ajmer.

Birla City Water Park


There was a bus to take the whole team from Jaipur to the destination. On our way to the water park, we also had breakfast with all our Future Profilez team members.

After reaching Birla City Water Park, we enjoyed swimming in the pool, water slides, rain dance, wave pool, and other activities. Nothing can complete the relaxation of a swimming pool in this sizzling summer. The whole family of Future Profilez enjoyed their day in different pools and rain dancing.


Bhanwar Singh Palace in Pushkar


Right after enjoying our day in the water and having lunch with the team, we started our journey to Bhanwar Singh Palace in Pushkar, which was our second stoppage. After reaching the destination our whole team members are divided into two teams for further games and competitions.


The activities we enjoyed there are as follows:

  • Ramp walk using our different styles followed by each team member one by one.
  • Dancing in the group on the stage to various songs and musical beats.
  • Couple dancing competition by making couples with the colleagues.
  • Singing competition for the team members who want to sing and show their talent.
  • Performing mimicry of different celebrities and famous personalities.
  • Enjoyed dinner with the whole team of the Future Profilez family.


On 17th July 2022, we visited Pushkar Lake, Temple, and other famous places. The place is quite good for spending a day enjoying and making memories. It was also good for taking amazing pictures of yourself and with your colleagues. After visiting different places and spending a day well in Pushkar, we returned to Jaipur.

This is how we enjoyed our 11th anniversary trip from Jaipur to Pushkar with our corporate family. Our Future Profilez company is growing day by day and offers quality services to clients across the world.

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