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The Most Popular CMS Alternatives To WordPress in 2021

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Today we have a lot to thank WordPress for what it has served all these years. The day the platform was introduced, it shook the very core of what people thought was the ceiling for the internet. WordPress now is the leading platform for a variety of tasks including Blogging, online shopping, web development, and many Wordpress development companies cater to the people. However, as good as it may be, WordPress isn’t the only fish in the pond today.

So let’s take a look at the best alternate platforms for WordPress in 2021 that web development companies employ.

# For Ecommerce Development Purposes:-

  • Magento:

Magento is ha always been getting more and more popular as an eCommerce script, and is now amongst the most widely recognized eCommerce store builder tool in 2021. Being an extremely useful, open source, and extensive CMS, Magento has amassed a large online community that assists web designers create engaging product descriptions without any trouble. Magento incorporates the structure of MySQL and Zend PHP databaseshelping create the most functional, dynamic, and robust eCommerce shopping stores.

  • Shopify:

If you have ever been involved with an online business setup, chances are you have heard of the name Shopify. Shopify is the leading stop for anyone looking to set up and grow their businesses. The platform has hundreds of thousands of online service centers ready to quench any queries that may arrive. Shopify is vast, easy, secure, robust, and overall an all-in-one platform for the user.

  • Bigcommerce:

Quite similar to Magento in terms of cost-efficiency, Bigcommerce is the first pick for any small to medium scale business. They provide a host of goods for a minimal fee as low as $29 a month. The drag and drop in feature make it a straightforward process for anyone looking to start an online shop.

  • Prestashop:

Prestashop is the ideal software for any scale of business as they provide services that are completely free of cost. But free doesn’t mean they are slouches in the game. The platform can support multiple types of currency transactions and languages. You also can choose as a business to either move forward as a self-hosted or a paid hosted company.

# For Blogging Purposes:-

  • Medium:

Medium is a comparatively modern platform so naturally comes with a host of fresh tools. Locating and managing your content is simple when using Medium. The software is extremely easy to understand and is ideal for blog-exclusive work. It helps create a large number of backlinks to assist your trafficking.

  • Blogger:

Blogger is a brainchild of Google and although not a direct competitor to WordPress, it does present some perks such as being open-source and free of cost. The developer here can create their domain name. The software is lightweight and very easy to understand and run.

  • Ghost:

For exclusively blogging-related purposes, The “Ghost” can be considered to be on par with everything Wordpress is capable of. The platform is suited for beginners, has all the advanced designing and editing tools while being lighter than Wordpress.

# For CMS development:-

  • Joomla:

Joomla is an open-source and highly flexible host, comes with over 1000 free plugins and the list just goes on. Joomla is free, supports multiple languages, contains a huge online support network, is ideal for designing with many templates, has more extensions than Wordpress, and so on.

  • Craft CMS:

Craft is a developer-only platform due to its complexity but has wider functionality than Wordpress. Here you can view your content modification side by side. It doesn’t come in cheap though (In most cases, the setup fee starts with $299 plus $59 additional monthly charges). Many reputed companies like Netflix, Atkins, LA Marathon employ Craft CMS for their websites.

  • Drupal:

Drupal is another open-source platform popular for its CMS functionality. It serves more features than Joomla but is less beginner-friendly, which is sought after by mainly large-scale businesses that hire experts for complex websites. So basically if you are looking for a Wordpress alternative for building a large website, take the path towards Drupal, otherwise, you can look at Joomla.

# Conclusion:-

Without a doubt, Wordpress isn’t the be-all and end-all for any content writing and web development needs, but it sure comes forth as the kind of platform that has an all-in-one vibe. Being a well-established WordPress Development Company India, we are globally renowned for providing all IT-oriented services to our cherished clients, that are guaranteed to attract more eyes towards your brand.


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