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Pros and Cons of CakePHP

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To grasp everything about what CakePHP is used for, suppose that you want to develop a web application for your business. Now you don't have extensive knowledge regarding application building and cannot generate code on your own. So then you will hire a professional CakePHP development company to build a web application for you and they use the platform's advanced features for the purpose. Now there are a lot of perks associated with employing CakePHP as a framework with all sorts of features that it offers. However, nothing is perfect and you might face a few hiccups when working with the framework. With that said, all the major pros and cons associated with CakePHP are listed below.

# PROS:-

Open source: CakePHP is an open source framework that works on the MVC (Model View Controller) model. This simply means that CakePHP has better functionality as the programmer himself doesn’t have to generate the complete code. Further, large plugins promote reusability of the same code again and again.

Customization: A programmer is gifted with a large number of templates to work with. You can design your web applications in unique ways and the templating system here is extremely quick and efficient.

Built-in ORM: Object Relational Mapping (ORM) is an important tool that allows you to modify any given object inside your application without the object source changing. In general terms, ORM is a data extraction technique that is built so as to reduce the code length.

Security: Apart from being highly simplistic, CakePHP has been in existence for over 15 years now. So, naturally, it has built a large community so most of your queries are answered instantly by their support staff. Many security tools are pre-built as well which protect your work from SQL from occurring.

Flexibility: A whole bunch of key features like code reusability, scaffolding, MVC support, reverse routing, etc is the reasons why the developer can adjust the web application according to his needs and later make modifications if needed without any hassle. The biggest factor why CakePHP has survived the passage of time is due to its flexibility.

Automatic Routing: An unnecessary burden every developer faces while using other framework is that routing has to be manual. That is not an issue with CakePHP as here the system selects the route of any object or design by itself. That leads to time-saving and complements the simplistic approach.

Add on features: CakePHP is free of cost, has multiple language support option, RSS feeds, caching configuration, able command line tools and overall trustworthy. Fair to say CakePHP despite being there for a long tie has the complete package.

# CONS:-

More suited to older PHP versions: THough the current CakePHP works just fine, some criticize it for being a ‘legacy framework’. It is partially true after the latest version of PHP that was launched, i.e. PHP 5.3

Comparatively complex: CakePHP on its own is simplistic and flexible in operation but when compared to newer frameworks like CodeIgniter, which is easier to understand and operate.

Conclusion: CakePHP is an advancement over platforms like Codeigniter in some ways. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it will always be better. CakePHP is a better alternative when it comes to building a bulky and complex website.

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