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How to Choose the Best Fantasy Sports App & Web Development Company

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Online fantasy sports has been in existence for far longer than you would imagine. In fact, the phenomenon was prevalent even before the 21st Century came about. Ever since then, sports betting has been slowly but surely gaining traction amongst the core sports fanbase, and that has led to the emergence of a number of online betting apps. As of today, some of them have grown to become giants in their respective industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars!

Key Features that every Fantasy Sports App Should have -

1. Log-In Feature: This is one of the most basic, yet important features that every application usually has. The individual is required to log-in to his/her account in order to view his personal information including transactions, betting history, prizes won, match schedule, etc.

2. Match Schedule: The user should be constantly informed about all the upcoming matches, especially in relation to his preferred sport or team. A calendar-like feature will be helpful for them in scheduling their betting process.

3. Instant Payment Deposit/Withdrawal: It’s always a wonderful customer experience if the customer in question can make transactions in just a few button presses. Payment Gateway Integration allows the user to make the payment instantly, and via his preferred method of payment.

4. Mode of Betting: Depending on the expertise level or the financial capability of an individual better, he/she may want to either participate in a head to head contest, team contest or multiple contestants (with millions of fellow contestants).

5. Player/Team Statistics: It’s helpful to contestants if they can view team/player statistics before that will help them in making crucial decisions for the next game. Betting smartly based on a player’s performance, fitness, past results, pitch/ground conditions, and other similar criteria are what every person looks to achieve.

6. Ranking System: Not just when a match is concluded, the person should be able to view his live status just as the game progresses. The live ranking feature creates excitement and drama in the virtual world amongst the competitors.

7. Multi-Lingual Support: When developing an application, the maximum user-interface is always the final output desired. By offering multiple language support, you will appeal to a worldwide audience, not just to your local neighborhood.

8. Online Chat Feature: Social interaction is another key feature that promotes the user-friendliness factor within a sports-based application. A platform where users can interact with each other based on match predictions and individual opinions creates an energetic atmosphere.

9. Prize Distribution: As an Admin, you will receive the finances that the contestants put on the line, but the application will be able to manage the distribution process automatically. The algorithms installed by the development personnel will enable you to distribute the money to the user who won the bet.

Why Future Profilez?

At Future Profilez, we have reputed WordPress development company in India for providing A-one quality of web and application development services to a client base that is spread internationally. With a core of developers who have an unmatched level of expertise and a vast amount of experience, we build fully customized, user-friendly applications that are as robust as they are functional.

Why should you consider collaborating with our in-house team of experts? Here’s why -

1. Unmatched Skills & Vast Experience: For almost a decade, we have been building highly intuitive applications for mobile and web users, and have delivered optimum functionality with all our projects to our clients. Our skilled staff ensures that all your requirements are met with the utmost efficiency.

2. Cost-effective: Never compromise with the quality of work, our expert developers employ only the latest technologies and frameworks to develop an online platform that attracts your prospects. Our highly informed personnel are familiar with all the tools & terminologies that can significantly cut-off the overall cost of the Application development process.

3. On-time Project Completion: We conclude all our projects strictly as per the time scheduled. On-time delivery is one of our prime objectives with every app development that we undertake. We retain an extensive, certified staff of web developers and coders, who work collectively and this atmosphere allows them to tackle major issues without much fuss.

4. Different Mode of services available: You can choose to hire our expert web developers based on the scale of the app/project that you want. You can either choose to collaborate with us on an hourly-based, monthly based or on a full-time basis, depending on the features and complexity of the project that you wish to acquire.

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