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Highlighted WordPress Security Myths

  • images 17-Sep-2018
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With emerging of new technology, the cyber threat too has emerged. Many myths about WordPress have taken the rumour mills spinning. People think it is safe and reliable, but, actually, it is NOT completely.  Along with these two there are many more myths about WordPress security that are spinning the wheel in the web world and churning out. In this blog, we talk about the most highlighted wordPress security myths. Futureprofilez always try to keep you updated on every web development happening around.

Many people have the myth that WordPress is only for blogging. WordPress has the capability to make beautiful websites. But, be careful as it is not easy to recognize hack able plug in.

 Hackable plug-in easy to identify:

One can’t easily point out plug-in that can be hacked. WordPress plugins comes bundled with a theme purchased, or that is found on a random site. Being updated doesn’t stop unsafe, hack able plug-in entries inside.

 WordPress is not secure for ecommerce:

It is. Some of the largest e-Commerce websites are on the WordPress and its incredibility secure. With free SSL certificates like Let's Encrypt and payment gateways like Stripe, you hardly have to worry.

Lots of Trash Pages, Posts, Images:

There is no auto deletion of thrashes feature in WordPress. Even mobile phones have manual delete feature or mobile booster apps but not WordPress.

Strong Credentials means secured Website:

While creating password make sure it is hack free. Make sure your password is unique and complex enough: Always opt for F2F option: 2 Factor Authentication that will surely keep your account secure.

SSL Certificate can secure My Website:

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate adds an extra layer of security but that’s not enough. To keep it safe use additional security tools like web application firewall and up-to-date data plug INS.

Modify the prefix of database for security:

That’s the myth. There is no  such proof that this can protect your site from being maliciously attacked. If not carefully done, it can even break your website.

Needs No Maintenance:

If you want to keep content filled site safe, install new updates whenever possible. Take care of your site, even if not in use. If you feel the site non usable any longer, take it down, this can prevent cyber attacks.

No support:

WordPress is open source framework provides support too. Developers post the errors found, it can be referred later for the solution. So, don’t worry about the support with the WordPress.

IP Address Blocking Can Save You From Hackers:

Well, there are few plug-ins that block hacking and spams shall be blocked, but it won’t resist such user from visiting your site. But with Proper tools, they can be masked.


It’s always better to be safe than sorry, isn’t it? Well, we hope this blog shall lay all the myths to rest. If this is not enough, and you need more information or need to clear your any web related doubts, please visit WordPress Development Company in India You can certainly hire WordPress Developers in India.

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