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GDPR- Impact on Web Development Company

  • images 22-Aug-2018
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GDPR means: General Data Protection Regulation. Implied since May 25 2018, web development company in India or European company dealing with Indian company, all come under this scanner. Certainly user friendly, GDPR helps to secure personal data. The core responsibility lies on the shoulders of the  host web and app development company. This law shall leave a strong impact on users and the companies too. Today, let’s check how and how much has GDPR affected the web development companies.

Affect of GDPR on Web and App Development Companies

Responsibilities: By introducing this law, the responsibilities of the web and app development companies will increase as the companies have to maintain the records, along with managing the data of the customers.

Rules and regulations: As the flow of work changes, the rule and regulation also come under change scanner. Accordingly the new rules will be framed; that include keeping the  records of all types of processing activities carried out, including transfers to processors (3rd parties), including cloud service providers too. Hence updated the terms and policies are much needed.

Web developers: Web developers play the major role and to provide the healthy data protection, is the responsibility of developers in terms of code, data, and security.

Web developers need to know about the new data protection regime, and they have to update on the following:

  1. All Change For Data Protection
  2. The Changing Privacy Landscape
  3. Impacted By The Privacy Overhaul

User Demand: Now companies have to work according to the user demand and customers have right to demand the companies to delete the data, as well as businesses.

Hire Data protection expert: To secure the data is a big responsibility and now the  companies have to hire the data protection officers as they are mandatory for the firms.

Technologies: It is imperative that you have to immediately notify the owners of a business or the customers as you get a hint of leaking the data for that you should have a proper and updated and reliable technology. It is a responsibility of the companies to notify the national supervisory authorities within 72 hours.

Redesign: The companies and apps have to modify their sites and apps as in upcoming time GDPR will  be the demand of people and it will be the new approach to the people. Now your apps and websites should ensure privacy and data protection this being a key consideration.

All in all, testing for data protection by default should also consider external alerts. Your testing results, and the methodologies you used to achieve them, need to be noted and action as living documents. We @ FutureProfilez one shall keep you in track with any more changes or implementation of any golden act in the web world. We are a web developing company that deals with the nuances of web world as we have the best team working with us.

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