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Beware of Fake Job Offers: Tips to Avoid Scammers and Protect Yourself from Fake Job Offers

  • images 09-May-2023
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What is Fake Job Offers ?

Fake job offers are when someone tricks people looking for jobs. They offer a job that sounds really good and doesn't require much work or experience, but it's not real. They do this to take the job seeker's personal information or money. To avoid being tricked, it's important to be careful and check the job offer before giving out any personal or financial information.

How Fake Job Offers Utilize False Identities and Company Information to Target Job Seekers ?

Scammers often create fake job postings on job boards, social media, or email, using fake company names and logos that look legitimate. They may even use the identity of a real company to make the offer appear more credible. Once a job seeker expresses interest, scammers may ask for personal information, such as social security numbers, bank account information, or payment for training or background checks. It's important to be cautious and do research on any job opportunity, including the company and the person making the offer, to avoid falling for these scams.

How Our Company's Identity Was Stolen to Create Fake Job Opportunities

We would like to bring to your attention a distressing incident that occurred recently, where someone impersonated our company and posted fake job openings. They contacted people through WhatsApp Broadcast messages and email, and many innocent job seekers applied for these positions without knowing they were fake. Fortunately, some people informed us about this, and we reported it to the CRIME BRANCH. We urge all employers to report such incidents to the authorities and advise job seekers to check with the respective companies to verify the authenticity of job offers before applying. It is important to be vigilant and stay safe from such fraudulent activities.

They use International Phone Numbers to Reach You via WhatsApp

Create Fake IDs, Numbers, and Images to Deceive People

How Scammers Lure People with Enticing Offers

Always Confirm with the Respective Company before Applying for any Job Opportunity.

Before you apply for any job, make sure you check with the company first to see if it's a real job. You can do this by calling or emailing the company to ask if they posted the job offer. Always be cautious and stay safe! and this is what many people did when they saw job offering where our company details were used.

This is very important to do because sometimes bad people create fake job offers to trick people. Always be cautious and make sure to contact the company before applying for a job. Stay safe!

Report identity compromise to cybercrime authorities if you're an employer.

As soon as we found out that our company's identity had been compromised, we reported the incident to the cybercrime authorities.

It's important to take action quickly in situations like these to prevent any further harm.

Tips to Avoid Scammers and Protect Yourself from Enticing Offers

  1. Do your research:
    Always research the company before applying for a job or accepting any offers. Check if the company has a legitimate website, read reviews, and verify their contact information.
  2. Be cautious of unrealistic offers:
    Be wary of job offers that seem too good to be true. Scammers often lure victims with enticing job descriptions and high salaries with minimal effort.
  3. Never share personal information:
    Never share your personal information, such as your bank account details, social security number, or passport information with anyone unless you are absolutely sure about the authenticity of the company.
  4. Watch out for red flags:
    Look for red flags such as poor grammar, spelling mistakes, or inconsistencies in the job posting. Scammers may also ask for money upfront or for you to pay for training.
  5. Report any suspicious activity:
    If you suspect any fraudulent activity, report it immediately to the company, the police, or the relevant authorities. Taking action quickly can help prevent others from falling victim to the scam.


To summarize, we wrote this article to warn people who are looking for jobs about fake job offers. We explained how scammers trick people into applying for fake jobs, and how it can be dangerous to share personal information with them. We also shared our own story of a fake job offer using our company's identity. We gave some tips on how to protect oneself from these scams. We want everyone to be careful and check if the job offer is real before sharing any personal information.

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