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A to Z about Progressive Web Development

  • images 20-Aug-2018
  • images Futureprofilez
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Progressive Web Development aka PWA, the new revolution in web word. PWA is more like a glorified bookmark , and is using all the latest concepts to build an app, enclosed with native app technologies.To be among the Best Web Development Company in India, you have to adopt to this update.

Do you even know that now it’s like a cake walk for a web developer to bulid mobile apps?  If you are aware of HTML, JavaScript and CSS, you are in the race! An icining on the cake would be, that you don’t have to undergo any pain or trouble by going through rules and restrictions put by App Store for publishing the apps. Let’s focus more or elaborate more on the previous comment.

PWA’s are progressive: These apps work for every user,it has hardly anything to do about the browser that you are using or even the location the user is situated! No matter what browser you are using or you may be situated anywhere around the world. These apps will just work well, as they are built with progressive enhancement as a core tent.

Responsive : They respond well to any device, right from desktop to tablet, they work well with all.

Connectivity is NOT the issue: These apps, with the help of service workers, can work well in low connectivity or ven offline. Connectivity is not an issue here.

Updated: Thanks to service workers, your Progressive Web App will always be up-to-date with the latest updates!

Tamper proof app: Because PWA’s are served via HTTPS, it is ensured that no body can tamper with your app, without your proper authorisation.

Easily Discoverable : PWA’s are easy to find, thanks to service worker registration scope.

User Engagement :PWA features like Push Notifications making user engagement very easy!

Installation : Users can “keep” the most useful PWAs on their home screen without the hassle of app stores.

Linkable : PWAs can be easily shared via URL and do not require complex installation.

Low friction of distribution : PWA updates are instant! All the users will get the prompt instantly and simultaneously!

Conclusion: Just like a traditional web app, PWAs will also have limited access to the device’s features. So, remember PWA’s have a long way to go, and if you are with it, you too!! We @ FutureProfilez  are into web development, web designing as we have an excellent team of web designers and developers. Top notch professionals work under our umbrella.

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