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8 Best Strategies to Generate SEO Backlinks in 2019

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As a content creator, one of your moral duties is to create backlinks in order to attain recognition on your post. As sad as it may sound, but a quality backlink is a primary ranking factor that Google and all major search engines employ, and we live in 2019! Any major SEO company in India will know how to make perfect use of backlink-generating techniques, you can join the action as well.

Irrespective of your content quality, it is a backlink that adds relevancy to your work and generates viewer traffic. So with that known, the next phase is to find strategies to attract visitors straight onto your page and the rest is up to your quality as an engaging individual.

Here I have gathered a list of 8 major strategies to generate backlinks for your page in 2019.

1. Turn your mentions into backlinks: Let’s say you notice that a reputed website mentioned your post to its extensive number of followers. You feel this is the best thing to have happened for you but merely mentioned your name won’t prompt a random viewer to check out what you are all about. It is imperative that you lay a path for them to simply click and arrive in your world.

Now instead of simply wishing the webmaster had done you the favor, you can use various tools (SERP Research Tool and Link Research Tools are good examples) that can locate wherever your brand is mentioned, and then contact the concerned personnel to add a link to your page.

2. Use Infographics: This simply means to bestow information in the form of graphics, i.e. images, graphs, charts and so on. Your viewer will much prefer to see an image rather than reading texts, even with the same content.

Not only is an image more appealing to an individual, they understand the whole thesis better when presented in a more visual form.

Employ genuine statistics, show graphs, write numbers a lot, use brackets (sometimes even when not necessary) and make your post look overall more graphics.

3. Listing Anything & Everything: This is like a cheat code that you discover for your favorite game. So no matter what you post about, make sure to-

  •  Write
  •  Everything
  •  In
  •  The
  •  Form
  •  Of
  •  A
  •  List

All the Statistics reveal the same story, that a content displayed in list form is the most likely to retain a viewer for a longer duration. This also has a lot to do with how human psychology works.

The material in the form of a list seems briefer, more informed, more professional, and overall more genuine. That, all in all, generates backlinks.

4. Make use of Link Generating Tools: Many tools (free or paid, inbuilt or independent) offer a wide array o9f functions in order to either locate a website backlinks, locate your mentions, generate links, trace your competitors or even fix a broken link. Some of the most widely popular link generating tools in 2019 are mentioned below

  • Ahrefs
  • Buzzstream
  • LinkBird
  • Linkstant
  • Broken LinkBuilder etc.

5. Use your competitors to generate quality backlinks: This kinda seems unethical right? Well, who said business was fair. The guilt feeling will withdraw itself once you witness the traffic you generate by employing the strategy.

Now first you can employ tools {like Link Juice Thief (LJT)} to find out where your competitors get linked to. More often than not, they get linked to the same site often. Following that, you can reach those big guys via email and let them know about your content (and how is it superior to your competitor)

Once you manage to get their linking, even your competitors will provide a link to the main host that, you guessed it, links back to you. That way even your competitor is indirectly sending their viewers towards your content.

6. Guest Posting: The article emphasizes techniques that work in 2019, so what is Guest blogging/ posting still doing here? Believe it or not, it is still perhaps the best strategy for you to generate backlinks and a very simple one at that. Hiring Content Writing Services is always good for your website's appeal, but that ain't the end of it.

Many reputed guest blog platforms still provide do-follow links. You can create a presence on so many platforms today like Quora, WordPress, Wikipedia and more. Even with No-follow backlinks, you still garner a lot of views from these sites and feed your trafficking.

7. Keyword relevancy: Use evergreen keyword, something that you see a person searching for even after a decade.

For instance, you wrote a blog regarding the best breed of dogs (even though all dogs are cool you know, still) and want to assign a target keyword, then you know that “best dog breeds” is something a person will search for as long dogs exist.

So this way both your keyword and your post remain relevant for a long long time. Your post is likely to survive and overtime will garner a lot of backlinks. An aged veteran gains respect, and rightfully so.

8. The dead backlinks saga: Over a period of time, due to a variety of reasons either your or another website’s backlinks doesn’t remain functional.

  • If you find dysfunctional links to your website, you can use tools like Link Juice Recovery Tool (LJR) to locate those broken links. Once this is done, you can choose to either recreate the whole website (give that you had a backup) or simply redirect that dead backlink to a different post you wrote that is related.
  • If you discover that another website with authority has a broken link, you can contact the webmaster and offer your quality content as a replacement. Email the personnel individually and drive their attention towards the link that doesn’t work. Pitch them your post as a replacement and boom, backlinks generated.

Conclusion:  All these strategies will assist you in your pursuit of achieving backlinks for your content, but they will not contribute directly towards making your content more appealing.

So once you pull an audience to your page, the rest is up to you how you sustain them. So the quality content at the end of the day is a must.

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