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7 Fatal Mistakes you must Avoid as a Digital Marketer in 2020

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Any marketing expert today will tell you that the marketplace has changed tremendously over the past few years. Your regular consumer is now more reliant on online shopping than ever before. This is why if you are or aspire to be a digital marketer, chances are you might commit a few mistakes out of naivety.

However, some mistakes are more fatal than others, which is why you must prevent them given the consequences it may have in 2020 and beyond.

With that said, here are 7 fatal mistakes you must avoid as an aspiring online marketer in 2020.

1. Not recognizing your target audience: Digital marketing is the field with the sole motive to be able to sell more, in less duration of time. Cost-effectiveness in running the business operations is also a major necessity. This is why audience targeting becomes a much more crucial process preceding any ad campaign that you wish to launch.

As a marketer, the secret is not to reach the maximum public figures, but rather maximum potential consumers. By thoroughly researching for the perfect demographic, you can identify the likely customers for your brand. This is an excellent cost-saving business strategy in the long run as you devote your time catering to the relevant community.

2. Undermining the benefits of E-mail Marketing: Gaining a new customer and thinking that’s the end of it couldn’t be further from the truth. Once you’ve made a name for yourself, it’s imperial that you reach out to your pre-existing consumer base and remind them about your new services.

One of the most efficient ways of doing so is via E-mail marketing. While companies (rightly so) pledge countless hours towards boosting their site performance, email marketing is seen as a rather out-of-fashion phenomenon. Which is absolutely not the case. Sending attractive emails to your customers whilst offering attractive discounts, coupons, etc is still a brilliant marketing strategy.

3. “Mediocre Content quality would do”: Content marketing has always been the real deal for online branding. People buy what they find to be visually appealing. So merely stuffing an underwhelming content with thousands of keywords will not cut the mustard in 2020.

And not only should the product description be high in quality, but the same goes for the infographics. Images, video descriptions, charts, graphs, etc are all crucial aspects of selling your services. There’s nothing more assuring than a vibrant looking content backed up with glittering imagery and relevant statistics.

4. Not employing SEO in 2020: As a marketing enthusiast in 2019, it’s a cardinal sin to have never heard of the term SEO. Make no mistake, a huge chunk of your future customers are inclining towards online shopping, where SEO turns out to be the real game-changer.

A lot of major corporations however still haven’t figured out that vintage SEO techniques have ceased to exist. Duplicate content, lack of imagery, keyword over-reliance is no more a thing. Modern SEO techniques are significantly going to boost your site traffic and therefore have your brand stand out from the rest of the competition.

5. Overcomplicating or over-simplifying the business objective: Before splashing valuable cash on making tough business decisions, a marketing veteran would always try to make his/her business objective as clear as possible to the common masses. What is your product exactly supposed to do? How is it any different, or better than the products already out there in the market? Most of all, why should a customer migrate to your brand?

Failing to present a clear objective could very well be the proverbial nail in the coffin for the career of an aspiring digital marketer.

6. Not utilizing Social Media Platforms for brand exposure: The likes of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc are no longer meant for simply spending your time posting cute pictures of your pet cat and interacting with people you haven’t seen for years.

All major firms are using marketing goliaths (such as Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, etc) to reach new customers every day. Marketing, posting and advertising your services on such platforms is a no-brainer in 2019 and beyond. Having said that, a digital marketer must also remember not to overwhelm the audience with frequent posts, which is simply annoying.

7. Complying with the conventional marketing strategies in 2020: If you believe that merely being intellectually sound is enough to become a digital marketer, then 2020 might offer a harsh reality check. More and more companies are looking to hire marketing experts with multiple dimensions to offer.

Some of the most sought after digital marketers today can do coding, create attractive content, apply Photoshop and provide other facilities.

Conclusion: With the advent of online marketing, the world as we know has never been smaller. However, the field of digital marketing has never looked more lucrative either. Companies today pay big bucks for candidates who can offer them sufficient brand exposure online, with added services seen as a bonus.

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