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5 Best Social Media Platforms for Marketing your Business in 2020

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2019 was a boom period for the digital marketing industry and 2020 is set to tread on the same route. This is why, if you aspire to make it big within your respective industry, digital marketing through social media has to be at the top of your ‘To-do list’.

Having said that, which social media channels are most likely to change the game for businesses worldwide? While the choices are many.

The 5 best social media platforms for marketing in 2020 are listed here.

1. Linkedin: LinkedIn as a platform is exclusively meant for interaction amongst business professionals. One of the fastest-growing platforms out there, your LinkedIn profile is pretty much your online resume and is the undisputed champion of B2B marketing today.

The Stats:

  • LinkedIn has around 625 million users worldwide and almost half of them visit the site on a daily basis.
  • Over 95% of B2B marketers around the globe use LinkedIn for content distribution.
  • More than 80% of the overall B2B leads were generated through LinkedIn in 2018.
  • More than 70% of LinkedIn users are in the age group of 18 to 50 years. Hence, you can fabricate better business opportunities.

2. Instagram:

The Stats:

  • Instagram has over 1 Billion monthly users, with over half of them visiting the channel on a daily basis. So your customers are likely to follow you on Instagram.
  • About 82% of Instagrammers follow at least one brand. 200 million Instagram users check out brand posts every day.
  • While more than 100 million photos are posted every day, Video content garners 38% more engagement than images.
  • Instagram Stories is popular amongst major brands since over half of all business profilez post stories at least once a month.

3. Facebook:

The Stats:

  • With over 1.5 Billion accounts, Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform.
  • Businesses can target their ideal audience for maximum post engagement. About 72% of people with an average monthly income of $75,000 or more use Facebook regularly, thereby making it great for companies worldwide.
  • 90% of small-scale businesses employ Facebook posts for marketing. Also, 88% of marketers in the US are going to use it in 2020.
  • An average Facebook user clicks on 11 ads per month. Also, in 2019, the post-engagement for advertisers increased by about 33%

4. Twitter: Just about anyone today can use Twitter and express their thoughts to hundreds of millions of fellow users. The same impact can also be generated for your brand as posting business content on Twitter is an excellent way to garner widespread visibility. Any recent business updates, offers, and developments within your company can go viral through regular Tweets.

The Stats:

  • Twitter boasts about 350 million monthly users worldwide. Around 40% of those users exercise their tweeting skills on a daily basis.
  • More than 5,900 tweets are sent every second! As a result, the platform is widely popular amongst digital marketers.
  • 70% of B2B firms use Twitter regularly as an optimum digital marketing tool.
  • Around 78% of Twitter users feel impressed by a brand if they respond to their Tweets within an hour.

5. YouTube: YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world (behind the eternal deity, Google). All major brands use YouTube as a means to interact with their consumer base, and also to share the latest business developments. “Seeing is Believing”, which is why YouTube is an excellent platform to boost brand visibility.

The Stats:

  • YouTube retains almost 2 Billion monthly users today. In fact, 80% of internet users in 2019 said they have a YouTube account.
  • More than 90% of YouTube users fall within the age group of 18 to 44, the ideal demographic for most brands globally.
  • 62% of businesses post business videos on YouTube for branding. 90% of internet users claim to have seen a brand/product for the first time on YouTube.
  • YouTube is responsible for 37% of the total mobile traffic in 2019.


  • If you own a business, it’s vital that you gain a presence on social media. While Facebook is always a good start, other platforms that are mentioned will also help you tremendously in gaining traction with the modern consumer. Since online marketing is here to stay, all businesses must accept the norm and jump on the bandwagon of social media marketing in 2020.


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