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10 Best Backlinks Assist Tools in 2019

  • images 27-May-2019
  • images Futureprofilez
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Now that you’ve made a new website or a post, merely engaging content isn’t gonna cut it for you. A digital marketing company in India, for instance, knows what role quality backlinking plays in its continuous growth.
Apart from the quality of content and determination, you can always use independently provided backlinking tools, and some of them simply provide the best functionality in 2019.

So, which backlink generating tools are the best (Top 10) and up to trend? Let’s take a look.

1) Ahrefs: No real surprises with the first entry. Arefs is truly a celebrity name for anyone familiar with the term ‘backlink’, The tool is apt for checking whether you have procured any broken backlinks or even newly acquired links. Ahrefs is outstanding in monitoring the link fluctuation and by studying that, you can determine how your keyword ranking and viewer trafficking will be affected. You should definitely exercise the 7-day trial option and witness the backlinks acquisition by yourself.

2) Google Search Console: More and more people on a daily basis are getting inclined towards this tool. Google is the largest search engine platform and the tool is a brainchild of the same, so naturally has premium link strength.
Features such as Search Analytics and HTML improvement make backlink generation an easier task. You can check out link popularity and identify the position or ranking of specific pages you are concerned with.

3) CognitiveSEO: The tool in question here is perhaps the option for a developer to generate an optimum linking strategy. This is all thanks to the data extraction feature here that provides you all the information relating to the authenticity of a website, potential vulnerability, location, anchor text, etc.
Thus you can compare yourself, on the basis of the aforementioned metrics with your competitors to identify potential opportunities (linking strategies).

4) LinkBird: An eagle at work with ‘bird’ in its name, this tool is inclusive of all the key features that you look for. You get to analyze your as well as your competitors’ backlinks, track your keyword ranking, locate reputed websites for premium linking and integrating your link strategy with SEO. The tool, in actuality, is an all-inclusive experience.

5) SEMRush: SEMRush is a prominent backlink generation tool that bestows you the power of turning your mentions into active backlinks.
Once you find out that a reputed website mentioned you, but didn’t provide a link, you can simply ping them and ask to have a direct link generated to your homepage. Similarly, if a shady website creates link to your work, you can ask them to remove that as well (All courtesy of the Backlink Audit tool). The overall installation, however, costs $199 but you will see that your money was well spent once you notice your traffic boost.

6) OpenLinkProfiler: This backlink checker tool is completely free of cost, and provides an added feature known as Link Diagnosis. With the help of the feature mentioned, you can check your keyword ranking for a single page as well as your complete website.
You also get to locate all the latest mentions made to your website and can generate those backlinks in the form of .csv file.

7) PitchBox: Pitchbox is a VIP name today for anyone wishing to boost their link outreach. For laying more eyes onto your business, and thereby taking your online store to farther reaches, PitchBox is a must have tool.
With the follow-up feature, the tool automatically links you to any website generating links towards you simultaneously. You can search for a potential linking associate by reviewing their complete profile as per your preference.

8) Broken Link Builder: If ever there was a more obvious name, you see it and know instantly what this tool was built to do. With its assistance, you can locate a broken backlink for any reputed website you wanna associate with.
After that, you could simply reach out to the website and offer your content as a fine replacement. So if you are confident about your work, use Broek Link Builder to generate your own backlink out of someone’s dead backlink.

9) Majestic: Similar to Ahrefs and SEMRush, Majestic is also a backlink finding tool that in practice is just, well majestic. With its assistance, you can know when and from where your competitor obtains a new backlink and extract necessary information regarding your keyword ranking and page loading speed.
The overall cost for Majestic over duration is also less than Ahrefs. Apart from that, Majestic has one of the largest indexes among other similar tools.

10) Linkstant: Last but certainly not the least, though Linkstant looks quite similar to any other backlink tool on the surface, the biggest perk here is that you can view your linking with a website in real time, i.e. instantly. Check out which website creates a link towards your piece of work, and accordingly make further campaign strategies to suit your long term SEO goal.

Conclusion: At FutureProfilez, we provide only exclusively the best SEO services that ensure gradual trafficking and organic lead generation. The websites and applications that we create are surefire gateways towards a global exposure for your products and similar business aspirations.

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