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Reduce Bounce Rate Increase Conversions in 2019 – How?

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E-commerce bounce rate may sound like a familiar problem to many. Visitors land on your site, stay around for a few seconds and then bounce without visiting another page.  If the bounce on your eCommerce site is high, you should do definitely something to increase engagement.

How to fix low bounce rate in Google Analytics:

1. Use interactive content:

By using Videos, images, quizzes, etc. In short, you should use leverage multimedia content to engage your website visitors on the page and keep them around for the longer duration.

2. Optimize Your Traffic Acquisition:

Unqualified, irrelevant, or premature traffic won’t convert as qualified traffic will, and your bounce rate will likely be higher.

How you get to know that actually, you have mismatched traffic? The answer lies in your data itself. If upon doing a comparison of conversion rates and bounce rates on your landing pages, you find that similarly designed pages have far different bounce rates or landing pages, you can assume it’s a traffic optimization problem.

3. Make Your Content More Accessible with good Formatting:

Ever clicked through to a blog post or web page, only to discover an immense, intimidating wall of text? If you have done this once, you already know how discouraging this can be to readers. Even if your content is astonishing valuable and completely unique, it won’t matter if your readers are finding difficulties in getting the proper content in a proper and creative way.

4. Optimize page load speed:

By Using a free tool like GT matrix to analyze your website’s speed. It will help you in optimizing tour page load speed. Those pages that take too long to load effects result in visitors bouncing from your website.

5. Get A Clean And Useful Navigation

We never imagine a website with no navigation. It would be like trying to find your way in the ocean without a compass. It’s more like terrible. Navigation is the key to great usability which tells people how to use your website and where to get exactly what they are looking for without wasting their time. Navigation on a website is mostly located in header and sidebar.


A bounce rate reflecting the situations when visitors leave, a lower bounce rate is not a good thing. It’s always dependent, so think about the purpose of your page and how you can improve the value of the page to the user experience. FutureProfilez is the best SEO Company in India which provides you the content which will bring the right traffic to your site i.e. relevant, motivation, and qualified traffic. And make sure the page is relevant, without distractions, clear, and motivates the user to take meaningful actions.

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