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How to improve GTmetrix score of your website

  • images 24-Oct-2018
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GTMetrix is a web application which offers a collection of tools to make the responsive website and help in optimize your website. The developers of Web Development Company in India, exhibit a free version with some basic features unlocked. For further demands, paid plans are available for power users who have multiple websites and could benefit from the faster analysis, more targeting options, additional API access, hourly URL monitoring, and white-label PDF reports.

1. Hosting Service Selection

Although there are multiple things that you can do to enhance your site’s performance, such methods have their constraint. Tweaking software will only help you to increase site performance. But when it really comes down to it, nothing defeats the best hardware. Shared hosting is one of the best options for low traffic sites but as your site traffic grows you need to scale your hardware. Virtual Private Server, Dedicated Hosting and Managed Hosting are options used by high traffic sites. Dedicated hosting is reserved for tremendous sites with millions of daily visits.

2. Use The Best Caching Plugin

WP Rocket is one of the renowned premium best selling caching plugin which works efficiently to increase your site for speed. There are many WP caching plugin. WP Rocket is not that much difficult to figure out and use. WP Rocket performs page caching to decline load speeds, cache preloading to help with site indexing by search engines, images load only upon request, file compression to convert HTML, JS & CSS to static files and the plugin is rather developer friendly.

If we discuss Top 6 Caching plugins, one of the conclusions we came that it was very difficult to compare caching plugins. if you want more options including for free caching plugins, read the below mention Top 6 Caching Plugins

  • Minify HTML, CSS & Javascript
  • Minimize the number of HTTP requests
  • Replace PHP With Static HTML
  • GZIP compression
  • Browser Caching

3. Choose The Right Framework

Frameworks form the skeleton upon on which you increase your site’s appearance and eventually display your content. A good framework is important to ensure good site performance and the theme which helps to modify the appearance of your site and also contributes to site load time. A flashy multimedia rich theme with a bulky framework is not made for a fast website.

4. Compress Images

Images are bulky when compared to text. They occupy very large space on your wp-content folder which is greater than what you allow. Compressing your image size will help you to bring down your site load times. You can minimize the size of your images without losing much of the perceived image quality.

At a glimpse, users can view a summary of their website’s performance down to the individual page level. Futureprofilez always focused on increasing performance rate of websites efficiently. Page load times, page sizes, and the total number of user requests are available in GTMetrix, as well as a performance comparison to the average load speed of other sites analyzed with GTMetrix.

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