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5 Simple ways to Boost your #Instagram Reach

  • images 13-Feb-2019
  • images Futureprofilez
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Instagram is a growing channel which helps individuals and businesses to expand their brand. Especially for businesses, it's a convenient way to humanize your brand, showcase your product and company culture, recruit future employees, delight customers, and generate new business and revenues.

1. Find your optimal posting times

Nowadays Instagram uses an algorithmic timeline, optimal posting times are still relevant as timing is the most factor in the algorithm.

Posting at the right times can help you to generate an initial round of engagement on your posts which turns too prompt the Instagram algorithm to push your posts higher on your followers’ feed.

2. Time is of the essence

When it comes to Instagram reach, the number of comments and likes received right after posting is extremely important. If the initial round of assurance is high, then it is more probability that Instagram will push your post higher in the feed.

If you have Instagram Business account, spotting the right time to post on Instagram should be a piece of cake.

3. Use detailed strategically selected Hashtags

Hashtags should be very specific and detailed, which means they should be more accurately reflect the context of your post.

4. Share compelling content

To get more reach and new followers, Great content is must because It is what gets people to talk like, comment on, and share your posts.

The most important key to great content knows your target audience and what actually they want to see on Instagram. Your visuals must be compelling and your captions engaging. Everything you post must be interesting to these people. Your goal should be to inform, engage, and/or entertain them with content.

5. Make the most of your bio URL.

It's most and important real estate on your Instagram profile. You never ever want your bio link to your website homepage. Change your bio at least on a weekly basis and use that clickable link in your bio to drive traffic to your newest or most popular content.


Instagram and its algorithm continue to change along with user behavior, a combination of experimenting on-platform and heavy promotion off-platform is the way to go about maximizing your reach. To get more reach on your Instagram profiles for business growth, hire Future profilez which is the best digital marketing company in India. There is no magic that’s going to charge your engagement rate. Instead of this, it is a combination of important tips and strategies that are going to make it happen.


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