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10 ChatGPT Alternatives That You Can Use in 2023

  • images 14-Feb-2023
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Introduction To Chat GPT


OpenAI created ChatGPT, a language model driven by AI. It is able to generate human-like language and answer questions on a wide range of themes since it is built on the GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) architecture and has been trained on a wide range of online material. 


ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence meant for casual chat, with the goal of giving users helpful and informative replies in their native language. There are numerous applications that are potential alternatives to ChatGPT. These cutting-edge linguistic models were developed in 2023 or gained traction as viable alternatives to ChatGPT. The state-of-the-art in natural language processing (NLP) informs these models, which are tasked with producing writing that sounds natural and answering inquiries. Some of these are as follows which you can use this year - 


  • Replika - If you ever feel like starting up a discussion about anything from life and love to odd issues, Replika, an AI-driven chatbot, is a useful option since it can promptly react to your SMS.


  • Face App - FaceApp is a free photo editing program that allows users to alter facial features and prepare photos for sharing on social media.


  • Socratic - Socratic is a Google AI tool designed to assist students with their assignments. You can acquire the solution to a math problem or a chemical process just by scanning it.


  • Jasper - Previously known as Jarvis, the artificially intelligent writing tool Jasper can generate content on the fly based on a subject and some provided facts.


  • Chasonic - It has been suggested that Chatsonic is preferable to ChatGPT. It employs natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to give accurate summaries and insights, drawing on Google's knowledge network for timely data. 


  • Chinchilla - DeepMind's Chinchilla project is superior to GPT-3 on downstream assessment tasks. The model is a compute-optimal model with 70 billion parameters, making it a strong contender to the popular ChatGPT.


  • Bloom - A great alternative to ChatGPT, Bloom is a multilingual language model. The best alternative to GPT-3, was developed by over a thousand AI researchers. It was trained with 176 billion parameters using 384 graphics cards totalling more than 80 terabytes of memory.


  • Megatron Turing NLG - NVIDIA and Microsoft's Megatron Turing NLG has 530 billion parameters. One of the strongest models of the English language available, it ranks among the best alternatives to ChatGPT.


  • Elsa - Elsa, short for English Language Speech Assistant, is a smart language-study software. Using the user's spoken input, it generates assignments that are simple to grasp.


  • Rytr - Rytr is a popular artificial intelligence writing tool. AI-generated content is written and delivered to you. Because its algorithms are educated on historical data, it can generate original, captivating articles with the appropriate tone, style, and grammar.


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