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Future profilez has finished several projects in portal development successfully to its customers’ satisfaction. Our website designing firm designs and develops business portals to share association of work place. We are dedicated to provide the ideal solution to our clients. We always maintain the full cycle of the process of portal development such as specifications, architecture, design, and coding, testing and implementation.

According to your definite requirements we take you step by step through each phase of the solution. Our professional advice suitably guides you on technology and application to provide an ideal portal.We offer Business solutions and Ecommerce solutions. Our philosophy of excellent portal revolves around suitable assimilation of design and content in combination.

Our presentation and copy writing is fashioned with the required technical and artistic quality.Our Portal development may comprise adding several features or components that are not usually found on a typical site. For example, you may need a conversation forum so that your visitors can share ideas or experiences. We will help you, regarding to all your needs.

The original portals were search engines. The initial value proposition was to offer a full text index of document content and a chance to take advantage of the hyperlinking capabilities built into the web protocols.Portals are often the first page the web browser loads when users get connected to the Web or that users tend to visit as an anchor site. They offer users a surplus value of service based on the features of classic search engines: a well trained concierge who knows where to search and find; a well-assorted newspaper kiosk that keeps the latest market information about the surfer’s personal stocks ready; free communications possibilities like email or discussion boards. Thus, the traditional virtual roadhouses -the search engines- become feel-good entrance halls, a gateways to the internet, easy, one-stop embarkation points for the daily Web-surfing sessions. The hope behind the idea of a portal: surfer start their voyage into the web in a modern entrance hall, and preferably find their way back to the starting point without major difficulty.

B2B portal and B2C portals Services:

  • Portals we develop provide modified capabilities to the visitors.
  • We assist the business houses by promoting business information and trade information.
  • We develop business to business portals which are appropriate for the small as well as large business houses.
  • We also handle consumer portals; develop portals to provide to the customers ordering from the convenience of their home.

  • Chat
  • Quiz
  • Links
  • Calendar
  • Shopping cart
  • Survey and poll
  • Application form
  • Refer to friend
  • Reusable components

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