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smarty-alignleftSmarty is a PHP-based templating engine/framework. It allows you to further separate your business logic from its visualization, by removing as much PHP code as possible away from your views.Smarty framework facilitates separation of presentation from application logic. It is widely used to create dynamic web pages to match user needs and requirements. This enables HTML templates to be used in PHP scripts, saving precious time spent in development.

Smarty generates web content through the placement of special Smarty tags within a document. These tags are processed and substituted with other code. Tags are directives for Smarty that are enclosed by template delimiters. These directives can be variables, denoted by a dollar sign ($), functions, logical or loop statements. Smarty allows PHP programmers to define custom functions that can be accessed using Smarty tags.Smarty also has many features for quick presentation, devoid of time spent on developing testing and maintaining. Instead, it uses simple tags that completely mask complex PHP coding.

Future Profilez offer our clients a host of effective smarty PHP solutions. These Smarty PHP Services are one of the fastest Internet services which sell like hot cakes. The reason for their extreme popularity is owing to their extensive features which contribute to make them their USP. We are acclaimed for offering a spectrum of services using Smarty, at cost effective prices.

For web developers and designers the importance of Smarty as a developer friendly tool is huge. For many developers the PHP statements is perceived as challenging mess to manage and in that case Smarty which separates the presentation from the application logic comes to rescue with a much simpler tag based syntax. It is equally important for web designers and developers, especially in development projects where separation of the roles of designers and developers can lead to better efficiency and time saving. In all web development projects where efficient template management is crucial, Smarty is a great choice. – See more at: http://www.yudiz.com/smarty-development/#sthash.pbefuPyS.dpuf

  • Free and Open source framework
  • Control Flow and conditional statements
  • Variable modifiers
  • Custom delimiters
  • New file wizard that can create Smarty template
  • Output Filters
  • Flexibility for custom development
  • Easy to understand and maintain

    • Build web scripts, web pages and web pages at zero cost
    • Generate PHP web sites and web pages with easy attributes
    • Manage presentation of your PHP applications
    • Compiler copies PHP templates as scripts to render both template tag syntax and speed of PHP
    • Compiler helps maintain templates which makes execution very fast.
    • Compatible with all template syntax enhancements and PHP streams support.

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