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9 (2)PHP-Fusion is a lightweight open source content management system (CMS) written in PHP. It utilizes a MySql database to store your site content and includes a simple, comprehensive administration system. PHP-Fusion includes the most common features you would expect to see in many other CMS packages.PHP-Fusion is an all in one integrated and scalable platform that will fit any purpose when it comes to website productions, whether you are creating community portals or personal sites.PHP-Fusion is an open source content management system that can be used to make websites. As the name suggests, the system is written in the PHP language.
It uses MySQL databases to store information for your site and has a surprisingly simple admin control panel so you can change the way your site works. PHP-Fusion CMS, but it turns out that this platform doesn’t meet your requirements. You’ve heard about one of the best CMS which is called WordPress and now you want to move all your content there. But you can’t sit long hours in front of the computer and migrate everything manually. Entrust this process to CMS2CMS plugin and enjoy fast automated migration.The fact that it is open source means that any developer can have access to the source code to make add-ons for the program or even edit the program itself.
While PHP-Fusion is not nearly as popular as many of the other content management systems, that can be an advantage for some people. Less popularity means hackers are less likely to target this type of site. The PHP-Fusion platform is easy to use for publishing a wide range of different types of content.
Founded as an open source project under the GNU AGPL v3, PHP-Fusion is licensed to be open and free to use.>Derivative codes must be shared unless we grant you a license to waive the AGPL agreement. This is what we believe gives the best possible protection for both PHP-Fusion and all the Developers that create Addons for PHP-Fusion.

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  • We have wide-ranging experience with PHP-Fusion hosting and troubleshooting.
  • SeekDotNet.com ASP.Net hosting is compatible with the PHP-Fusion hosting management and collaboration application.
  • Our hosting plan support automated PHP-Fusion installation.

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I have worked with Future Profilez on a range of design concepts and webite development and have found his service to be creative, timely and accurate. His input and suggestions have helped us develop and enhance our marketing material on a range of projects, and to a high standard of production.

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