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The best time to post?
Posting on Face book is best between off peak hours, between 2pm and 5am. During this time you’ll gain more interaction from fans.
How many posts per day?
Reports suggest that frequent posts increase interaction. The secret is finding a happy medium between not enough and too many posts.
Most effective post type?
By distant photos generate the highest interaction, photos rank top because they are visual and easy to understand. The second highest way to interact with your fans is status updates.
How long should my status messages be?
According to recent studies interaction rates increase as the length of the status message increases.
Should I request fans to like or comment on my posts?
Asking your friends to ‘like,’ or ‘comment,’ on your posts will boost interaction rates by over 200 percent. Add a ‘call to action,’ in your post to involve your customers this will show an increase in the interaction between you and your followers.

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