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Team Member

team Jackson Lin Head SEO

Jackson is our best kept secret. Hiding away in his secret location – he knows all the cutting edge SEO

team Neil Basford Head of Internet Business Consultant Coaching

Neil walks the newbie's through the initiations of joining our team as an IBC. He makes sure they are in

team Manfred Kneitel Chief Financial Officer

Anything money related or when large or important business decisions are made that involve large financials, then they must go

team William Lin Media Relations and Dan's Personal Assistant

Every Captain needs a First Officer in their crew to keep the ship running smoothly and keep everyone sane. In

team Meimei Chen Project Co-Ordinator (aka The Finisher)

When it's time for a client's project or one of our projects to get built, Meimei steps in to take

team Peter Collins Head of Website Development

Peter and his wonderfully talented and gifted team are the peeps who make sure the internet marketing strategies we come