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Live writer support

live-writer-support Windows Live Writer is a blog editing and publishing tool that enables the user to write and publish their blog posts to a number of supported blogs simultaneously.It is compatible with, giving our users an easy and convenient way to manage and compose their blog posts.You can write your posts offline and publish them later.Windows Live Writer has WSIWYG (what you see what you get) type authoring, where users can see what they have created before publishing it. Windows Live Writer comes bundled with Windows Live Essentials, a suite of different Web 2.0 communications tools including Mail, Gallery, Messenger and a few others. Windows Live Writer is available as part of Windows Live Essentials and is installed on client machines. Besides blog authoring and publishing, Windows Live Writer provides a few other key features, including formatting, adding photos and videos, and adding a location using Bing Maps. Live Writer integrates easily with YouTube; including just the link in a blog post will immediately provide a preview of the video without any code or API integration. Windows Live Writer supports all blogs that incorporate real simple distribution (RSD), a blog publishing format in XML, and is compatible with major blog publishing sites, including Blogger, WordPress and TypePad. Future Profilez has been named and fames as the best expert in designing versatile, unique and customised web portals. We specialise in real estate and a large number of other business domains, using state of the art technological tools, yet offering cost effective services.In addition to that, Future Profilez provides unique range of solutions on SEO, SMO, Logo and Blog designing and bulk email marketing services too, but that’s not all!! Working closely with the clients and realizing the requirements they have is our forte. This is how we meet expectations and exceed them, bringing on solutions customized and unique.
  • A Look Like Microsoft Office
  • Better Insert Options
  • Hyperlink and Image Tagging
  • Take Screenshots
  • Advance Cropping
  • Post Draft To Blog
  • Headings
  • Subscript and Superscript and Text Highlighter
  • Better Word Count
  • Picture Rotation
  • WYSIWIG using the theme of your blog
  • Image manipulation
  • Spell check
  • Easy HTML tables
  • Include maps from Virtual Earth
  • Automatically syncs changes before re-editing posts
  • Multiple blog support
  • Retrieve Theme
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Backup and Local draft
  • Image editing capabilities
  • Offline work
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
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