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Real Estate Web Portal: Benefits, Features, & Cost

  • images 15-Jul-2019
  • images Futureprofilez
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What Is a Real Estate Web Portal?

Real Estate Web Portal, in simplest of terms, is just a pompous way of saying ‘Real Estate Website’. As the phenomena of eCommerce gains pace every day, more and more realtors/investors are giving in to the trend (smart choice) and inclining towards the online tradition of buying/selling property. Most expensive property dealers today in India have their own websites. An excellent Web Development Company in India will know the requisites and serve a website that does the job on its own and bring you closer to people who are actually interested in your business.

#Benefits: Although the list is essentially never-ending; some of the major benefits of owning a Real Estate Portal are listed below -

1) Time-Saving: An obvious advantage of seeking assistance from a professional Real Estate Web Portal Development Company is that they will develop a platform for you that is highly efficient. A web portal is an excellent means for buyers to observe a certain property without actually being physically there. At the same time, sellers can also interact with people exclusively wanting to do business.

2) Extensive Variety of Properties: With just one click, you can search for a property that suits your taste from all over the world. And you don’t have to depend on hear-say for that, select the location, area and size/budget of the building and you’re good to go.

3) Convenience: Property Seller and buyer both have direct access to information. This eliminates the need for multiple phone calls and site visits. If you like a property, simply put forth your offer directly on the website where seller can also make his/her decision more conveniently.

4) Get Famous: An online web portal is an excellent way to reach a far newer audience who go way beyond your local neighborhood. Catering to them opens new doors for business growth while taking your brand to a whole new level. Your pamphlet distribution is only limited to the people you already know or people nearby your place. A web portal, on the other hand, has no such constraints and can reach millions of online users thereby making your venture go supernova.

5) That Perfect Place: Gift your customers with their dream home via your platform. With a much-bloated list of properties to choose from, chances of them actually finding that perfect place become far more optimistic. It’s really a numbers’ game, with more options to choose from, the probability of any one item getting the nod becomes higher.

6) Audience Targeting: A web portal developed professionally is able to do the exploring bit on your behalf. The perfect customer base (based on age, gender, locality, and even ethnicity) is targeted automatically by the search algorithms. This way you never waste your time trying to cater to people who don’t need your business.

#Features: Some major features that an impressive Real Estate Web Portal will provide are -

1) Cross-Browser Compatible: Your Portal will be equally robust and highly functional across all major web browsers. (like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc)

2) Secure Checkout/Payment: Payment gateways will be tightly secured so as to prevent fraudulence.

3) Customized Reports: Keep a proper record of all your reports. All customer and investor-related data are stored efficiently with an online platform.

4) User-friendly Functionality: All interested parties are offered a perfect platform to choose from hundreds and hundreds of estate options.

5) Highly Responsive: There’s no point in developing a web portal if it isn’t highly responsive. As a major feature, it decides whether the visitor is likely to stay or click away from your website.

Conclusion: FutureProfilez is the most reputed PHP Development Company in India. We develop the most robust, responsive, attractive and trend-setting website. Courtesy of an amazing team of an experienced and dedicated team of web developers, we maintain the perfect combination of affordability and quality of work.

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